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Are Dab Pens Safe? The Facts You Need To Know

are dab pens safe?

You may have heard of dab pens and wondered, "Are dab pens safe?" Do they provide more safety than smoking in a bong or from a joint? We will look at if the dab pens have unsafe chemicals and what safety precautions you should take to remain safe with them. Different from herb pens, dab pens only work with concentrates. You can buy dab pens that work with dry herbs, but you want to look for this ahead of time.

Dab Pens Safety

Dab Pens: How They Work

Other methods burn the bud or combust it, but dab pens work through vaporizing the terpenes and cannabinoids. This happens below the combustion temperature. Because dab pens don't burn away the compounds, you enjoy more therapeutic benefits with dab pens. Medical marijuana users feel fast relief as it only takes between two to 10 minutes for the effects to hit your bloodstream. It kicks in fast because it enters the bloodstream quickly via the lungs.


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Growing Concern Among Doctors and Chemists

Some have touted vaping as safer than smoking a joint, but you have a growing community of doctors and chemists who would argue against its safety. Vape pens can cause a lung injury called severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. Medical researchers still don't know the long-term consequences of vaping. Thousands of vapers have developed severe acute respiratory distress syndrome, and you have dozens who have died because of it. One study discovered how vaping makes your lungs less able to clear the mucus. This can lead to frequent lung infections.

One side argues that acute respiratory distress syndrome happens because the vape pens came from illicit and unregulated sources. However, you do have reason for caution even beyond the unregulated sources because doctors and chemists decry it as unhealthy. Still, we don't know the exact dangers of vaping as of right now because we don't have enough research. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, first invented vape pens in 2003. As of 2018, China manufactured 95 percent of all vape pens.


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Beware of Harmful Additives

The greatest danger of vape pens comes from additives. Medical researchers blame polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol for the increased level of carcinogens. They have learned how propylene glycol can cause neurological problems and seizures. Some users have reported strange feelings, vertigo and nausea. Many times, dab pen manufacturers use additives to create a thinner oil consistency.

You can, however, find safe additives used with dab pens, such as vegetable glycerin. Researchers haven't linked any adverse health conditions with it.

Pesticides: Dangerous Effects

Researchers have learned how the pesticides used on the marijuana plant have had side effects such as headaches, diarrhea, nosebleeds and vomiting. The issue worsens with unregulated dab pens because no standards exist for testing of dangerous contaminants. When researchers conducted testing on illegal cartridges, they learned how they contained myclobutanil. When burned, this fungicide converts itself into hydrogen cyanide. Exposure to hydrogen cyanide can lead to the most sensitive organs like the central nervous system, the pulmonary system and the cardiovascular system getting damaged.


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Temperature Matters

The temperature within your vape pen matters for safety. Heating the oils at higher temps will produce effects faster, but it inevitably leads to the release of dangerous carcinogens. Look for a vape pen that will only heat to around 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Low-temperature dabs may not produce as strong of an effect, but you don't have to worry about the health consequences.

Smoke or Vape: What's Safer?

Smoking cannabis carries risks like vaping. Like cigarette smoke, cannabis smoke irritates the throat and lungs. Some deny the links between cannabis smoke and lung cancer, but researchers have found that the risk of lung cancer increased 8 percent for each year of cannabis smoking. Some see vaping as healthier, but we don't know the long-term effects of vaping cannabis oil. High-quality products lower the risk because low-quality hardware and unregulated dab pens increase the dangers.


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Cannabis Consumption for the Health Conscious

Anyone who expresses concern about cannabis consumption through vaping or smoking has alternative options. They could, for example, take edibles infused with cannabis oil. You have several options including cannabis coffee, cannabis tea, baked goods and candies. Edibles take between 30 to 60 minutes to take effect. Topicals can give you the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. You only have to apply a lotion or salve. Because of the non-psychoactive properties of topicals, they won't get you high.

Are dab pens safe? If you buy from licensed and trusted retailers, you lower the risk. Still, don't think of dab pens as completely safe either. Some risk is implied especially with long-term use. People like vaping because you can vape from anywhere, and it leaves less evidence of a cannabis smell.