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Benefits of Glass Pipes

Benefits of glass pipes

If you’re thinking about buying a new smoking device, a glass pipe is an excellent option. Glass pipes come in many colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties, which means there’s something for everyone.

Glass Pipe Benefits

Types of Glass Pipes for Sale

What type of glass pipe is for you? The answer depends on your personal preferences. Every type of glass pipe has its own benefits.

Rise Up Bubbler


This type of pipe combines the benefits of a regular glass pipe and a bong in one. You add a small amount of water to the bubbler, which acts as a filter for the smoke. By adding cold water, you can cool the smoke down before it hits your throat, reducing some of the inflammatory effects of smoking. Therefore, a bubbler is a good option if you’re concerned about health.

Helix Chillum 3" - Grav Labs


A chillum is a small, tube-shaped glass pipe. Chillum glass pipes mimic the simple design of the classic reed pipes used by indigenous people. They don’t have a carburetor and only allow for a small amount of herbs to be smoked at one time.

Spoon Glass Pipe

Spoon Glass Pipes

This Spoon pipe is the most common type of small glass pipe that people typically use. It features a round bowl on the end of a glass body. They have a carburetor, which is a small hole that you cover with your finger while smoking. When you’re prepared to inhale the smoke, you uncover the hole. This helps you inhale the hit of smoke and keeps the smoke from getting stale inside the pipe. When you use a pipe with a carburetor, the smoke will generally taste better.

Sherlock glass pipe

Sherlock Glass Pipes

With a design inspired by the iconic Sherlock Holmes, this type of pipe features a long stem and a curved design. This type of pipe may be a bubbler, or it might be a normal glass pipe. Some have carburetors and others don’t.

Steamroller Pipe


This type of pipe delivers a quick and powerful hit of smoke. They look similar to chillums with a tube-like design and a bowl on one end. Some steamrollers have multiple chambers that the smoke passes through, allowing it to cool off before it hits your throat.

Benefits of Using Glass Smoking Pipes

There are many benefits to smoking out of a glass pipe as opposed to using metal, plastic or some other material.

Easy to Clean

Glass smoking pipes are very easy to clean. You can clean your glass pipe using a variety of cleaning materials, including acetone, rubbing alcohol and special mixtures designed for pipe cleaning. It’s difficult to clean an acrylic pipe or bong to the point that it looks new again. With a glass pipe, you can get it sparkling clean, and it will be just as good as the day you purchased it.

Pure Flavor

Some types of pipes, such as wood, add an additional flavor to your smoke. Some people like this, but others would prefer the pure taste of the smoke.

Unique Designs

Pipes made from blown glass are unique pieces of art. Every blown-glass pipe is one of a kind. Using your glass pipe will also modify the color of the glass over time, which makes for an interesting smoking experience.

Healthier Smoke

When some substances are heated, they release dangerous biproducts and additional carcinogens. Glass pipes can be safely heated and therefore helps increase the purity of the smoke.

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