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The Best Dab Pens & Wax Pens You Will Enjoy Smoking

The Best Dab Pens & Wax Pens You Will Enjoy Smoking

The Future of Dabs

Thanks to recent innovations in the cannabis industry, a blowtorch is no longer required to hit a dab. The versatility and portability of dab pens make them extremely convenient compared to a full dab rig system. They also create vapor at a slightly lower temperature than more extensive systems, better preserving the wax's terpene profile. Dab pens are stronger than most dry herb atomizers and can be easily stored away in between hits with no mess. There are many different variations of concentrate with different consistencies, and there are different pen types best suited for each. This article describes some of the best dab pens the market has to offer right now. Some pens are made specifically for oil cartridges, others work best with shatter and crumble, and some are best for stickier types of concentrates.

Best Dab Pens and Wax Pens

How Do Dab Pens Work?

Dab pens utilize a battery to heat up a metal or ceramic coil within the device to melt and vaporize concentrates for inhalation. They typically include a chamber for the concentrate attached to a battery. Other types of pens do not have a chamber; they instead include a straw meant for sucking the concentrate right out of the storage container. The pens without chambers are ideal for sticky concentrates, as they can be difficult to load. Other pens are tailored specifically for pre-filled oil or dab cartridges as well.

What to Look For in a Dab Pen

When searching for a new pen, the options can seem overwhelming at times. It is important to look at the battery type, life, the method of wax intake (straw or chamber), and the type of concentrate the pen is meant to be used with. Every dab pen on the market will have different pros and cons. Some of our personal favorite options are listed below.

Muad-Dib Concentrate Box by Magic Flight

1. Magic Flight Concentrate Box

The quality of the original magic flight box for dry herb is more than enough evidence for the wax version. The best part of this brand is that the products have a window, allowing you to watch the magic happen. It has a classic yet unique design compared to other pens on the market. The box kit comes with an 18-inch tube that attaches to the device, making it a bit less portable than our other options. This device would be best used at a social gathering or in the home. The beauty and craftsmanship of this Old World styled vaporizer are sure to impress any guests.

Yocan Evolve 2.0 All-In-One Vaporizer by Yocan

2. Yocan Evolve

The quartz coils in this bad boy will last for ages before needing to be replaced. Yocan makes some of the best dab pens for shatter and crumble. The loading chamber has two quartz coils, which will create more vapor than the traditional ceramic coils found in most pens at this price point. With a 1100mAh battery capacity (twice the power of an average wax pen), this mod will be a reliable companion for quite a while. It features a silicone jar attached to the bottom, a micro-USB charging port, instant heating time, and a 15-second continuous heating time. This is hands down the best pen in the twenty dollar range.


Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer by Yocan

3. Yocan Evolve Plus XL

This pen is a step up from the traditional Yocan, with four quartz coils in its base rather than two. This brand is reliable and economical. It has a 1400mAh battery capacity, meaning it will last quite a long time. It also features a silicone jar compartment and a micro-USB charging port. The medical-grade quartz and titanium that make up the coils can reach extremely high temperatures without affecting your concentrate quality. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this pen is its airflow control. The user is able to adjust airflow through the valves found between the battery and the coil. This will create changes in cloud size, flavor, and the viscosity of your vapor, making this pen highly customizable. Right below these valves is a removable lanyard hole, so you can attach your pen to a keychain or necklace for easier access on the go.

Migi Concealed Oil Cartridge Battery by Mig Vapor

4. Migi Concealed Oil Cartridge Battery

If you prefer using pre-filled oil cartridges, the Migi battery is a perfect choice. The design of this pen protects your cartridge from breaking, making it ideal for throwing in your bag or purse. It can be used with any pre-filled standard (510) cartridge. The durability of this battery is its most prominent feature. Glass cartridges can be extremely delicate and usually require a protective layer around them to prevent cracking. Aside from durability, the simplistic design of this pen is extremely user friendly. It features three different temperature settings that you can click through with the button, as well as a universal micro-USB charging port.


Pax 3 Vaporizer Basic Kit by Pax

5. Pax 3 Vaporizer

The versatility of this pen is what makes it so great. It will burn flower and concentrate within the same device. Pax is designed to be extremely user friendly and easily portable. It features temperature control options, a quick one hour charging time, and a quicker fifteen-second heating time. Pax guarantees quality in all of their products and emphasizes the environmental importance of using products that will last a lifetime. The basic kit includes the device, two mouthpieces, an oven screen, a magnetic oven lid, a charger, and a maintenance kit. The higher price point on this device is likely due to its insanely strong 3500mAh battery. That's over double the battery capacity of a smartphone.


Solo 220V Vaporizer by Arizer

6. Solo 220V Vaporizer

This is the best dab pen for stickier concentrates like butter and sugar. These waxes can be difficult to load into a chamber, and the straw mechanism that is included with the Solo 220V allows you to avoid that altogether. This not only makes things more convenient, but it also eliminates the possibility of wasting concentrate while trying to load it. Additionally, this pen has seven different temperature settings to ensure the perfect hit.


Dab pens are available in many different sizes, shapes, and price points. They are extremely discreet, allowing you to dab almost anywhere without being noticed. Additionally, they are almost completely indiscernible from normal vape pens and batteries. They have quickly become the most popular method of smoking concentrates, and the market is currently over-saturated with options. It is important to know what kind of concentrate you typically use, as well as what sort of device works best with that concentrate type. Finding what works best for you and your preferences can be simple once you know what you are looking for.