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Best Dab Rigs of 2021

Best Dab Rigs

2020 may be coming to an end, but do you know what doesn't have an end in sight? The undying desire for dry herb and concentrated smoking products! Many of our dry herb smokers are asking loads of questions, but today we are focusing on those questions oriented toward the use of concentrates and the tools required for the trade. That being said, what are the best dab rigs of 2021?

For all the newbies out there, we will start with the simplest question. What exactly is a dab rig and how do they differ from dry herb pipes?


Best Dab Rigs

First picture your favorite strain of herb compressed and heated into your favorite type of concentrate. That sounds nice, right? Now take your wax, shatter, live resin, or whatever other concentrate you may have, and melt it on a 400-degree degree banger (the banger being the recipient on the dab rig). And voila, you have a perfect dab! A dab rig, in contrast to a bowl or a bong, is used to smoke concentrates instead of flower. They are almost identical in appearance to some bongs (also known as water pipes), but utilize a different recipient than those used for dry herb.

Scouring through the most reliable sources, the seven best dab rigs of 2021 have been compiled and are described herein for your convenience.

NEU Silicone Concentrated Rig - Tsunami

1) NEU Silicone Concentrate Rig

This silicone rig belongs to the brand Tsunami. Unlike glass rigs, this silicone piece is made for all you clumsy smokers. This bright and beautiful rig is very easy and safe to travel with, which is another great advantage it has over its glass counterparts. This little girl is dishwasher-safe, so you don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty to get her cleaned. Durable and easy to travel with? Count me in!

Comet Dab Rig Kit - Ooze

2) Comet Dab Rig Kit

This little rig is part of the Ooze brand product line. Just like any other rig, the Comet is designed specifically for us with concentrates and does the job exceptionally well! All it takes is three clicks, 10 seconds, a bit of heat, and she's ready to go! If you plan on traveling in 2021, the Comet is a good option for a quick discrete hit on-the-go. Just be aware that when using the Comet back-to-back, too many hits will burn up the nail. With that being said, sit back and let the Comet take you for a ride across the cosmos.

E Nail Water Pipe With Reynolds Percolator - Chameleon Glass

3) E-Nail Water Pipe With Reynolds Percolator

Are you tired of picking up that rig that just simply can't seem to stop from falling over (or from getting knocked over by friends)? Then this rig might be the perfect one for you! This heavy-duty rig will give you a clean, smooth, pure hit. She belongs to the Chameleon Glass family, known for creating unique pieces that always leave the buyer satisfied. You can't complain about quality, after all.

Beehive Recycler Mini Rig - Empire Glassworks

4) Beehive Recycler Mini Rig

Have you heard what the new buzz is? This tiny guy was handcrafted in the United States with the brand Empire Glassworks. The Beehive has two chambers that recycle the water through a loop. While that is happening the smoke will travel throughout the water, doubling the cooling effect. This functional combination results in a smooth hit that cannot be competed with on the current glassware market. This on-the-go smokers' piece is one of kind and wonderful to bring to any function, as it will bring wonderful vibes and creative conversations. The crowds will be buzzing to buy one!

Avocadope Mini Rig - Empire Glassworks

5) Avocadope Mini Rig

Do you like Avocados? Do you also like concentrated THC products? Well, the Avocadope mini rig was made with you in mind! This unique piece of art is also part of the Empire Glassworks product line. This three-hole downstem gives a smooth, silky taste that will leave your mouth satisfied. He was also built with a slanted neck that prevents water from bubbling up into the mouthpiece. With the way the three avocadoes are lined up, it is always a ripe time to pull out the Advocadope at any party!

Mig Vapor La Rig 510 e-Nail for Concentrates and Flower Herbs

6) Mig Vapor La Rig 510 e-Nail 

This rig is known for smoking both flower and concentrates! With the ceramic-heating technology, it'll provide you with a high level of intensity. Even better, it comes with a pyrex glass bubble vape tank that notifies you of the status of your upcoming hit. Taking only three seconds to heat up, it makes for a quick, easy, smooth hit. It is efficient and safe for travel!

Mini Rig Sriracha Bottle - Empire Glassworks

7) Mini Rig Sriracha Bottle

This spicy guy happens to be a part of the Empire Glassware family as well and is glass-blown. Its diffused stem allows the smoke to cool rapidly, leaving you with a mild, smooth hit each and every time. She's accompanied by a thick glass for stability and durability in case of any mishaps. A great advantage to smaller pieces like these is that they are much less likely to get destroyed if dropped, kicked, or ran into by your cat. So if you're looking for a conversation starter or just a spicy piece to add to your collection, the Mini Sriracha Bottle Rig is the perfect fit for you!

Now clearly these are not all of the options for smokers in 2021, but they are the most functional and visually stunning for their price range. Out of the remaining products on Breazy Green's product line, these are certainly the way to go. It really depends on what the individual prefers out of his/her smoking experience. Some people like to go big and cough a lung out, but some like to add more posh to their toking experience and ensure an optimal hit each time. To each their own!

So if you are looking for a quick hit, a conversation starter, a spicy hit, or just something to take you out of this world, I would highly suggest checking out these beautiful glass and silicone pieces.