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The Best Glass Pipes To Smoke A Bowl In 2021

the best glass pipes

Ready to ditch that old metal pipe? Looking for a crisp, clean, and more economical alternative to a rolled up joint or wrap?

When enjoying cannabis flower, glass pipes and waterpipes are the way to go.

Why go glass, you ask?

Simply put, glass provides a better smoke than other materials used for experiencing cannabis.

Best Glass Pipes To Smoke

The smoke draws smoother and cooler through glass pipes than it does through joints or
bongs and pipes made from plastic, metal, wood, and other materials.

Plus, they look really cool.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique glass piece to showcase your personality and accentuate your toking experience or an inexpensive glass pipe that gets the job done and won’t break the bank, there’s a glass pipe out there for you.

From handheld bubblers and chillums to high-quality pipes and waterpipes, here’s the rundown on the best glass pipes to smoke a bowl in 2021.

Staff Pick: Beehive Recycler Mini Rig – Empire Glassworks

The Beehive Recycler Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks is buzzing with toking enjoyment. Masterfully handcrafted in the USA, this one-of-a-kind rig is dripping in golden honey accents and accentuated with stunning black detailing to create a bumblebee-laden honeypot that’s ready for the dankest of nugs.

Beehive Recycler Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

Looking past the remarkably detailed mini beehive bowl and all of the bumblebees, this recycler mini rig is even more beautiful in action. Equipped with two chambers designed to recycle water in a loop of filtering smoothness through the rig’s thick, clear glass, the smoke travels constantly along with the water for a powerful cooling effect.

The Beehive Recycler Mini Rig is the perfect addition for any collector in search of a cleaner, more powerful smoking experience and a delicious flavor that’s hard to resist. It’s hands down one of the best glass pipes you can wrap your lips around in 2021. Just don’t get stuck!

Why we love this glass pipe:

  • 1) Beautifully handcrafted
  • 2) Extra-thick glass
  • 3) Dual chambers for extra cooling and smoothness
  • 4) Recycles water for added filtration

Avocadope Mini Rig - Empire Glassworks

Next on our list is the Avocadope Mini Rig. Also by Empire Glassworks, it’s also made in the USA and features an equally unique design and similar incredible functionality.

Avocadope Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

While it lacks dual chambers and doesn’t recycle water, the Avocadope’s triple-hole down-stem perc offers a smooth, cool taste for a thoroughly enjoyable smoking experience.

The gorgeously detailed handblown creation is designed and textured to look just like an avocado. In fact, it actually features not one but three wonderfully made individual avocados, including the mouthpiece and bowl, to inspire endless superfood sessions.

Why we love this glass pipe:


  • 1) Super original and unique design
  • 2)Handcrafted quality
  • 3) Triple-hole down-stem perc
  • 4) Cool and silky-smooth taste

Medium Hammer Bubbler – Medicali

Mixing things up for those of you who prefer a cleaner look and simpler yet equally functional design, we have the Medium Hammer Bubbler from the famed Medicali brand.

Medium Hammer Bubbler by Medicali

Guaranteed to be one of the most used pieces in your collection, this bubbler features a hammer-like design with a fixed four-slit down-stem, a colored side carb, and a filtration system to ensure smooth hits time and time again.

Why we love this glass pipe:

  • 1) Simple and clean design that just plain works
  • 2) Filtration system
  • 3) Smooth, even draw
  • 4) Made by an excellent sustainable brand

Rise Up Bubbler - Marley Natural

Next up is the Rise Up Bubbler by Marley Natural. Proven to make you “Get up, stand up” or plop down on the couch depending on the strain you stuff inside its sleek bowl, the Rise Up Bubbler is thoughtfully designed to serve you well.

This modern piece of art features a sleek, streamlined design that’s small enough to take with you anywhere yet still capable of delivering the smooth, soothing smoke of a water pipe.

Rise Up Bubbler by Marley Natural

Marley Natural makes several well-made, hard-working pipes, bubblers, and water pipes that look and function really, really well, and the Rise Up Bubbler is no exception.

Why we love this glass pipe:

  • 1) Sleek, streamlined design
  • 2) Thick, smoke-colored glass looks great and is tough to break
  • 3) Filters smoke for smooth hits
  • 4) Large bowl to pack a punch

Prometheus Titan Pipe (6.5 Inch) – Pyptek

If you’re looking for something even more portable yet still packs a flavorful punch, look no further than the 6.5-Inch Prometheus Titan Pipe from Pyptek.

This heavy-duty piece of hardware is made to last and great for making a lot of smoke. Expertly crafted in the USA, it features an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum shell and a virtually unbreakable borosilicate glass tube and bowl.

Prometheus Titan Pipe (6.5 Inch) by Pyptek

Best of all, the Prometheus comes apart, so it can be easily cleaned. Plus, the glass pieces are completely replaceable, guaranteeing your investment and making it a surefire smoking companion for years to come. Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, the Prometheus Titan is one of the best glass pipes out there today.

Why we love this glass pipe:


  • 1) Very well-made
  • 2) Super functional materials and design
  • 3) Durable yet features glass interior for excellent smoke quality
  • 4) Replaceable glass parts

Rocket Dry Pipe - Empire Glassworks

In a world full of boring, run-of-the-mill glass pipes, the Rocket Dry Pipe from Empire Glassworks definitely stands out from the crowd. Like the rest of Empire’s unique glass creations, it’s an amazing piece to both look at and use.

Shaped like an old-school rocket ship waiting for launch, the only thing launching will be you when you light the perfectly sized bowl and begin to take flight. The colors of the Rocket Dry Pipe are bright and just right, and the glass is thicker than most.

Rocket Dry Pipe by Empire Glassworks

If you’re careful with it, this pipe will last forever and make you feel like you’re traveling to outer space whenever you’re in need of an extraplanetary experience.

Why we love this glass pipe:


  • 1) Looks amazing
  • 2) High-quality glass
  • 3) Pulls nice and smooth
  • 4) Appeals to the kid in all of us
  • 5) Guaranteed to get you lifted

Spoon Pipe - Marley Natural

This classic styled pipe should be a fixture in every cannabis user’s collection. Compact, versatile, and discreet, this piece of hardware would make Bob himself proud to use for his daily puff.

Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural

Spoon Pipe from Marley Natural beautifully marries a premium clear glass bowl with a wood handle and bowl base for a unique look that’s both modern and rustic. Simply put, it delivers on all fronts.

Why we love this glass pipe:


  • 1) Classic pipe design
  • 2) Top-quality materials and construction
  • 3) Small and compact
  • 4) Pulls nice and smooth

Cheshire Cat Pipe - Chameleon Glass

With a rich blue and purple striped face, big cat eyes, and a bug devilish grin, this Cheshire Cat Pipe from Chameleon Glass will make you want to load bowl after bowl and smoke your worries away.

Cheshire Cat Pipe by Chameleon Glass

A spitting image of one of the most well-known characters in one of the trippiest stories of all time, this pipe is one you’ll want to enjoy and show off every chance you get.

Why we love this glass pipe:


  • 1) Fantastically whimsical
  • 2) Top-of-the-line craftsmanship
  • 3) Excellent thick glass
  • 4) Very smooth and relaxing

Bowl of Noodles Mini Rig - Empire Glassworks

Arguably saving the best for last, we have the Bowl of Noodles Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks. Packed full of Ramen goodness, this impeccably crafted glass rig is a one-of-a-kind piece and perfect for any collector.

Intricate in appearance, it features amazing details, including an extremely creative chopstick mouthpiece and a big black glass bowl adorned with glass noodles, eggs, shrimp, and even a sliver of green onion on the side. Talk about unique!

Bowl of Noodles Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

The Bowl of Noodles Mini Rig is also super functional. In addition to its three-hole diffuser, it features a percolation system as well to deliver a cool and smooth pull each and every time. Seconds anyone?

Why we love this glass pipe:


  • 1) Incredibly unique design
  • 2) Intricate glass detailing
  • 3) Three-hole diffuser and perc system
  • 4) Look and smokes fantastic

Well, there you have it. These are our favorite glass pipes to smoke a bowl in 2021. Each one is great in their own way, but none of them will let you down. Whichever one you choose, you're guaranteed to get lifted up, up, and away throughout the coming year.