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The Best Mini Glass Bongs

best mini glass bongs

Every smoker needs to try a bong at least once in his or her lifetime. Bongs can be made out of a variety of materials, silicone and glass being two of the most common. These handy tools make smoking more enjoyable and are one of the most common cannabis consumption methods.

When the average person thinks of a bong, they probably jump straight to massive pieces that produce huge clouds of thick, white smoke. These are great fun and are appreciated by smokers from all corners of the globe, particularly those with a higher than average tolerance. However, not everyone wants massive clouds of smoke. Maybe you don't like the idea of hacking up a lung or getting zooted that quickly.

Top Mini Glass Bongs

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Mini bongs are great for those who are interested in bongs but don't want to invest in a huge piece right out the gate. They're also fantastic for smoking on the go, since most of them are small enough to slip inside your bag for discrete dosing while out of the house.

These smaller vessels function just like their larger counterparts. Everything is just made on a smaller scale. Smaller, fresher hits are a big draw to these beauties, along with the convenience and discretion they offer.

Why Choose Glass?

Glass is by far the most popular material for a
bong to be fashioned from. Though there are other options available, we'd recommend glass to pretty much any smoker out there, and here's why:

  • - Glass delivers the cleanest hits possible. This means that every hit is going to taste a lot more pure and fresh than if you were to use a bong made of some other material.

  • - The purity of glass also means they're safer to smoke from. Heat-resistant glass is used, meaning no material breaks down and makes it into your lungs.

  • - Glass allows for a lot of different looks and features. If you're on the market for a unique piece, glass is probably the way to go. Glass bongs often have extra features like ash catchers and percolators that aren't commonly seen in other bong types. Plus, glass allows for a lot of creativity when crafting the piece. There are some pretty eye-catching pieces out there!

6 Best Mini Glass Bongs to Add to Your Collection

We have plenty of glass pieces in stock, including bongs of all sizes. Check out six of our coolest mini glass bongs, all of which are great for out of the house smoke sessions!

Pineapple Paradise Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

If you're looking for something unique and playful, this mini rig is perfect. Not only is it cute enough to transport you to a crisp summer afternoon, it's functional as well. This piece is pretty dainty, standing at six inches in height. Made by Empire Glassworks, a premium distributor, this piece is blown by hand, making no other bong quite like it. The details are exquisite, from the raised kiwi seeds to the cheery red cherry on top of your cocktail.

Pineapple Paradise Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

The mouthpiece is fashioned to look and almost feel like a straw, making it easy to take a sip of some sweet smoke. Sip and smoke your troubles away with this nifty little piece all your friends will want.


Mini Rig by MJ Arsenal

This piece looks sleek and stylish, great for those who like a luxurious but minimalist look to their pieces. This tiny little rig can function as both a bong and a dab rig, making it a great option for a wide variety of people. It's super small, allowing you to hit the bong or have a dab wherever you may be.

Mini Rig Sriracha Bottle by Empire Glassworks

The best mini glass bongs have cool features, and almost all models of mini rig made by MJ Arsenal come with a
percolator. This produces smoother, cooler hits, making it a truly great choice for a bong novice.

Shower Head Octopus by Tsunami

This is a really cool piece if you want to impress your friends. While not quite as portable as some of the other options out there, it more than makes up for it with cool, fresh hits and a unique product you won't be able to find elsewhere. Two percolators create some of the smoothest hits possible. You'll never want to go back after experiencing hits so fresh and clean.

Cheech & Chong 40th Anniversary Big Green Van Waterpipe by Famous Brandz

Designed to look a little alien and out of this world, this piece almost resembles a hookah. And really, who doesn't want to smoke out of something that looks as bomb as this?


Mini Spaceship by AMG

The best mini glass bongs contain at least one percolator, for hits that aren't so harsh on the throat and lungs. The mini spaceship is truly extraterrestrial, with a double perc system for tasty hits from both flower and concentrates. It's an amazing experience to watch the percs doing their job, purifying the smoke before your eyes. This piece even has an ice catcher, for those who like their hits fat and cold.

9" Gecko Clear Cylinder by AMG

Double Honeycomb by Tsunami

If you're looking for something a little smaller than average for smoking concentrates, this cute little glass piece will work great for you. Honeycomb percs are fun to watch as they bubble and fizz and create consistently smooth hits. This particular piece has two percs, meaning double the fun for you and your friends.

There are plenty of filtration holes for perfect airflow. This ensures tasty hits that come quick and easy, making your smoke session an absolute dream. A beautiful storm is conjured in the chamber that you'll never get tired of watching.


Rocket Ship Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks

This is one of the coolest mini glass pieces that we carry, and it's always a big hit. If you're looking for something that both functions and looks well, this tiny little rocket ship, standing at just under six inches in height, is just the piece for you. This little ship really looks alien when the light catches all the shimmering colors!

Rocket Dry Pipe by Empire Glassworks

With stars and planets adorning this rig, it's easy to imagine that the rocket is about ready to launch off when you use it as your beautifully designed mouthpiece. This is a truly unique bong that's very portable, though you might want to keep something so unique at home, safe.