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7 Best Weed Grinders

best weed grinders

A grinder is a tool for shredding weeds or herbs to smoother form for use. Grinders have different names across the world. They are made of distinct materials, with overlapping teeth such that when they grind against each other, they shred the weed making it easier to roll its joints. There are electric and manual grinders; however, their mode of operation is similar. They are all used to grind and break down the herb.



Top 7 Grinders


Combie POP Aluminum Grinder by Green Lane


Here are the top 7 grinders that will break down your herb.

1. Chromium Crusher 2.2" Grinder

It is the best for the hand crank. It works well for those with wrist issues and some who don't require electricity to operate.

This grinder is fun to use. It comes with gamut colors and comes with a guarantee in case of breakage.

It grinds the weed to fine form. It has a kief scraper component that is lacking in many grinders. However, it requires energy to operate, and if not well fitted, it may give a crude product.

Cannagar Molds by Precision Grinders


2. SLX Grinder

It is made from coated aluminum material, and it originated from China. It has about 40 teeth with no replaceable filter screen. It is approximately 2.4 inches in diameter. It comes with magnetic leads that will keep it closed while grinding. The lid doesn't allow the weeds to spill over during the grinding. Its performance is better compared to other grinders.

The price is slightly higher, but it is affordable. Should it break when using it, the company will send the replacement spare part. However, it must be in line with the policy and guidelines on the company product warranty.

This grinder is simple to use and robust. The component for collecting the processed weed is of strong material.


Santa Cruz Shredder (4 Piece) by Santa Cruz Shredder


3. Santa Cruz shredder

This grinder comes in different sizes from small, medium, and large. It is convenient for use when traveling or for home use. Their prices increase with an increase in size. It is made from anodized aluminum. It employs a lot of complex technology in its manufacturing and design.

Santa Cruz Shredder is cleaned through the ultrasonic cleaning process. This makes reuse very efficient and healthy. The well-fitted knurl grip and the magnetic connection components make the grinding process smooth and straightforward.

Santa Cruz shredder has a unique teeth design. They are different compare to the teeth of other grinders. They have square shape teeth with ridges that ensure total grinding.

Its advanced technology in screen design ensures that no seeping of the weed to the kief catcher.

This is the best grinder with advanced technology. Hygiene in the grinding process is the top priority.

CNC Grinder (4 Piece) by Aerospace

4. Tectonic 9 Grinder

This grinder is the automatic make that the market ever-present. It can dispense the processed weed electronically. It is m in such a way that you can quickly drop your herbs directly inside the vaporizer. It is portable and straightforward to use.

Other grinders will require you to open them and dispense your bud, tectonic9 will dispense your herbs where you want it. It has an inbuilt motor battery that helps in the automation dispensation of the herbs.

Tectonic 9 is not for everybody because it requires power to function. It is made of strong materials, and the teeth are strong enough to provide the necessary grip and feel. The grinder is durable and long if given proper care. Suppose you are a fun of dry smoking herb—this is one of the best grinders for you.

4 Piece Grinders by Precision Grinders

5. Space Case Grinder

It is one of the most purchased grinders due to its top-notch quality. Its grinding process is excellent and accurate. They are made from anodized aluminum alloy, and it is coated with titanium. This material ensures during grinding, and the herbs do not stick to the metal casing.

The teeth are from the diamond. It grinds the herb faster and stores it the storage component. The catchy kief is well fit to ensure no herb wastage.

Space Case Grinder can grind a lot of herbs at the same time. And the process, a few herbs can stick on the inner part, which must be cleaned. This grinder is expensive, but if you can afford it, you will enjoy grinding your herbs.

Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

6. Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder

This is the most affordable grinder for vapors in pursuit of cheap and efficient type. It works consistently and grinds the herbs to the required joints. Its shredding action is swift and smooth.

It is portable and convenient when traveling. You have to keep on cleaning it during the grinding compared to other manual grinders.

Zeus Bolt 2 is not a mere grinder, but it comes with another level of lifestyle. The material expensive material despite the low price. It is easier to hold when using it due to its flat design.

It has diamond teeth that are strong and durable. It works best with kinds of dry herb vaporizer. The magnetic lids are tightly fit to keep the herbs in place when grinding. This ensures that the weeds do not go into waste.

Small 4 Piece Grinder by Phoenician Engineering

7. Cali Crusher Grinder

The Cali Crusher Grinder is a two-piece grinder. It is long-lasting and durable due to the aluminum grade material used in making the casing. The gap between the gaps is enough to allow the herbs to fit in. it will enable smooth shredding of the herbs with minimum wastage.

The company offers a warranty on the first teeth blades and other worn-out spares in the first year of purchase. However, there are instances where the kief can tightly stick inside the grooves.

This grinder provides quality herbs compared to other grinders. It is simple to operate. In can serve you without electricity.

In summary, you need to choose a good grinder that will grind the herbs smoothly. A grinder with an oven that will uniformly heat the herb is the best. Evenly heating of the herb will improve the vapor production and flavor for better quality.

The manual grinders are easy to use and portable. Unlike electric grinders, you can travel with them, which have the cost of maintenance and require constant charging.