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Breaking Down Percolator Types

bong percolator types

The use of different concentrates and taste of flavors is essential to all stoners. However, if you have been in the game for long, you know that smoke inhalation can sometimes be harsh. Having a percolator improves the experience as it produces a more relaxed, gentler smoke enhancing the whole smoking experience.

Types of Percolator

A bong percolator's design helps it cool and purify smoke and vapor by passing it through the water. It pushes smoke and steam through tiny holes, cleaning it, and producing a safer product that shifts the whole smoking experience.

Although this is its primary job, percolators come in different sizes and types. The various types focus on other aspects of the smoking experience. This article thus explains more on the multiple kinds of percolators;

Swiss perc

This perc is one of the toughest to design and named after its resemblance with swiss cheese. However, it is an excellent bong that can be used independently or with other bongs to enhance smoking. The perc comes with many holes and spaces on the sides to allow smoke to pass and purify it in the process.


Glass Cleaner by Roor


The perc allows smoke and water to pass simultaneously, filtering and cooling in the same period to offer a sleek end product. It is also easy to maintain, and the process provides an excellent visual. The Swiss perc is thus both aesthetically and functionally flawless.

The honeycomb percolators

This percolator contains a flat surface and houses over 100 holes where the smoke or vapor passes. This prolonged contact with the water through the holes makes it a better purifier and the most loved perc among the elite. Its end product is thus very sleek as it gets broken down in millions of tiny bubbles and cooled to an optimum temperature. Honeycomb percolators thus produce excellent refined smoke and vapor and enhance the taste of each.

Full Color Beaker by AMG


Dome percolators

A dome bong is the type of perc you want to show up to a party carrying. It is easy to clean and travel friendly, making it hustle free. The perc got primarily built in a dome shape, but lately, many different designs have emerged. The perc directs smoke into a separate column of water, making the purification more intense but shorter as the smoke passes through the water ripples and gets cleaned.

Panda Oil Dome by Empire Glassworks


Tree percolators

The tree perc was among the first bongs to get created. As the name suggests, tree perc varies from simple designs to more complex ones. They have several branches or rods that hang in the form of a canopy, increasing the smoke's diffusion time.

The tree perc breaks down smoke from the central unit and passes it through its many branches to enable it to get proper contact with the water. This process enhances diffusion and results in a refined product that improves consumption.

Inline percolators

Inline percolators are basic percolators that can be used independently or in conjunction with others to enhance a stoners' experience. The perc contains horizontal tubes with slits that improve the percolation process. The inline percolator purifies the smoke as it passes through the chambers into the water, further cooled and filtered.



Inline Pipe by Roor


The perc is also good-looking as the inside slits are colorful, making it a unique piece. It is also a good deal as it guarantees no splashes or water presence in your smoke. Its design thus makes it extremely unique and enables it to produce smoke that hits differently.

Showerhead percolators

As the name suggests, showerhead perc directs the smoke through a disc-shaped with many holes. The smoke is then slowly diffused into the water from the fixes that enhance the purification process. It also ensures proper cooling of the smoke making the end product superior.


Beaker Pipe 14 inches by Roor


Though faulted for its ordinary outlook, the showerhead is a great and powerful bong as it gets the job accomplished and assures quality products. It is also very durable and easy to clean, making it a must-have, especially for those on the move. The perc comes in different designs that include an inverted or reverse shower head that offers a variety for one to choose.

Matrix percolator

Matrix percolators are among the best bongs with many holes designed to create a considerable number of bubbles and better filtration. The design and function of the matrix perc make it a beauty to behold and enhances its uniqueness. It got built with stacked or layered showerheads that offer many holes for cooling and purification. Though the matrix perc is hard to clean, the experience it provides makes the hustle worth it as it gets designed to provide a steady grip.

Ring percolator

A ring percolator is a variation from the tree percolator, with a significant difference being the single stem bent in the ring with a u-bent with holes around the stem. However, the ring perc provides a long drag of the smoke or vapor, enhancing its purification and end product. The ring perc eliminates any aftertaste and offers the user a chance to experience different flavors. This process makes it one of the high-end products that assure a unique smoking experience.

UV Unicorn Bowl by Empire Glassworks


Spiral percolators

Spiral percolators are an enhanced design of tree and ring percolators. It combines the function of the two perc's to generate a better product. The spiral percolator, also called coil perc, purifies the smoke and cools it by passing it through a long coil.

The coil shape increases the cooling effect and provides a beautiful visual. Its bent design also ensures a smooth drag that makes it superior to many different bongs.

Turbine percolator

The turbine percolator is designed to create a beautiful visual but also function correctly. Unlike the other bongs where the smoke goes through the water, the turbine percolator intended to form a cyclone by sending water up the pipe.


Gecko Clear Cylinder by AMG


Instead of creating bubbles, the smoke is cooled in the chamber, providing an intriguing visual that makes the swirling look like a rushing tornado. This inversion water usage ensures the smoke produced is splatter-free and no traces of water in the smoke. It also creates a superior product with a refined taste that is essential for every stoner.


Various perc's can get used individually or together. It helps if you understand what you need and the experience you are going for when choosing the perc. Purchasing perc's that multitask but are easy to maintain is essential.