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Bubbler Vs Bong: Which Is Better?

Bubbler Vs Bong

If you're looking to buy some new smoking equipment, you may find yourself wondering if a bubbler or a bong is more appropriate for your needs. While there are a lot of apparent similarities between these two pieces of equipment, there are also a lot of differences to consider before deciding which is better.

Bubbler Vs Bong

If you want to learn more about bubblers and bongs to determine which would be the better option for you, then keep reading.

How Are Bubblers and Bongs Comparable?

Despite the clear difference in size (bubblers are typically fairly small), bongs and bubblers look a lot alike. For this reason, many smokers believe that they must function in the same way.

While there are some important differences to consider between the two devices, you wouldn't be incorrect if you assume that they function similarly. Both bongs and bubblers are types of water pipes, placing them among some of the most common devices used for smoking. If a water pipe is all you're after, then you'd probably be content and satisfied smoking out of either option in the long-run.

However, bongs and bubblers each come with their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages over the other.

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The Advantages of Using a Bong

Bongs are typically far larger than bubblers are. The size alone gives them a few great advantages.

First of all, a bong's internal chamber is much larger than a bubbler's would be. This large size means that it takes longer for the chamber to become excessively dirty. While bubbler smokers will be cleaning their devices almost after every use, bong smokers have the advantage of needing to clean their internal chambers much less frequently.

The smoke chamber on a bong is also much wider than the smoke chamber on a bubbler. This offers another great advantage to smokers who enjoy using ice in their water pipes. The wider space allows room for ice cubes to be inserted carefully into the bong, which is a fun smoking experience that a lot of bong users love. If you want this cooling effect, then you would want to choose a bong over a small bubbler.

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The Advantages of Using a Bubbler

While a bong's large size can be advantageous in some situations, the smaller size of a bubbler also comes with its fair share of benefits for smokers.

Most obviously, the small size of a bubbler makes it easy to transport. While you probably won't be able to pack up your tabletop bong and take it on the go with you, you would have no issue doing so with a bubbler. They can be carried discreetly and quite easily in bags when you're on the go.

The smaller size also makes bubbler's lightweight, so they are easily used in a hand-held manner. This is often preferable to newer smokers or anyone who feels like a bong may take up a little too much room for their tastes.

It goes without saying that the tiny bubblers are, generally speaking, a less expensive option that large bongs that are typically made with high-quality glass. While a bubbler may be more fragile and need to be replaced over time, the smaller purchase price is appealing to a lot of smokers who don't want to commit to or invest in a more expensive smoking device.

Which is Better?

When it comes down to it, deciding whether a bong or a bubbler is better comes down to your personal smoking preferences. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both devices. What one smoker may love, another may completely hate. At the end of the day, they are both water pipes and smokers will enjoy similar experiences regardless of which one they end up with.

If you are looking for something lightweight, easy to transport, and affordable, then a bubbler is probably the best option for you. They're a fantastic option for anyone who anticipates needing to take their smoking device on the go more frequently or who aren't ready to invest in something more expensive.

However, if you take smoking seriously and want something higher-quality and more permanent, then a bong is ideal for you. They are great for a personalized smoking experience and anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning out their internal chamber between smoking sessions.

We hope this article cleared up any questions you may have had about bongs and bubblers and helped you make the decision about which device is better for you.