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Myths About Buying Bongs From Online Headshops

Myths About Buying Bongs From Online Headshops

Ordering products online is practically second nature, as almost 90 percent of the population has bought something via the web at some point. However, when it comes to buying smoking devices such as bongs from online headshops, some consumers are hesitant to do so because of a number of myths that continue to circulate. Let’s clarify these false notions about buying from a smoke shop online.


5 Myths About Buying Bongs from Online Headshops

Myth #1: Buying Bongs From an Online Smoke Shop is Illegal

To be clear, a smoke shop—whether it be a storefront or online retailer—sells all types of devices that are intended for use with tobacco, aromatherapy and herbal blends, legal concentrates and for medicinal applications. So long as buyers are 18 years of age or older, buying bongs online is in no way illegal, regardless of the state they live in and the current cannabis laws and regulations.

Myth #2: Buying Smoking Devices Online Compromises Privacy

Many individuals are hesitant to use an online smoke shop in fear that their privacy will be compromised and that their identity may be ‘flagged’ by some government entity. Fortunately, this isn’t the case whatsoever. Online headshops go to great effort to ensure that packages are delivered discreetly, and they take strong actions to keep credit card information and customer’s names wholly confidential.

Myth #3: Online Headshops Sell Subpar or Knockoff Bongs

While it’s true that some smoke shop retailers online are straight up out to scam buyers by pawning off cheap bongs with brand name labels and decals attached, most online shops are legit. In fact, the best way to find a trustworthy online bong retailer is to investigate their reputation with customers and with consumer organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Another key sign of quality and reliability are smoke shop retailers who are authorized dealers for many of the brands they keep in stock.

Myth #4: Returning Items to Online Headshops is Complicated

An authentic smoke shop online retailer will offer customers a transparent return policy. This should be a streamlined process that makes it easy for returns to be instigated and made via email, phone call, or live chat. Top retailers will then expedite shipment of a pre-paid return shipping label to minimize consumer cost and inconvenience.

Companies should be prompt about refunding money or shipping a new product. Be sure you understand the return policy for the smoke shop you order from, and be aware that most headshops will not accept returns if the product has been used.

Myth #5: Workers at Online Smoke Shops are Stoners

Just because you cannot see the individuals boxing up your supplies and shipping them out doesn’t mean that they are getting ‘high on the supply.’ This is as unfounded as expecting every bartender to be drunk at work, so this is a myth—but of course, we cannot speak for all businesses.

In general, headshops are operated and managed just as professionally as any other workplace, and employees are held to similar standards while on the clock. If given the opportunity, online bong retailers can be just as useful as those you would encounter in a storefront location.

With these five myths dispelled, go ahead and feel comfortable making an online purchase with a reputable online smoke shop such as Breezygreen.com today.