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8 Tips to Choosing the Right Portable Vaporizer

8 Tips to Choosing the Right Portable Vaporizer

So you want to bring your vaping experience outside your home. That's where the portable vape comes in.
Vaporizers are made based on personal preferences. Not one pocket vape will have everything that you're looking for. It's important to know what to look for when purchasing the right one.

Tips to Choose the Right Portable Vaporizer

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Tip #1: Durability

Check the durability of the product you're interested in. Some vaporizers are flimsier than others, especially when it comes to pen vaporizers. The market is oversaturated with plenty of options. There are vaporizers that last a couple of hours while others are made to last several years.

When checking the durability, it's important to know how the vaporizer was made. Some come with an all-metal heating system, which includes the aluminum heating core, which means that nothing gets burned or damaged. The aluminum components ensure that vapors don't contain plastic or any other toxic materials that are common in low-quality brands. Expensive vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers are made out of high-quality materials so you don't come across contaminated elements.

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Tip #2: Portability and Functionality

It's important to find a vaporizer that you can take with you everywhere you go. There's no point in purchasing a portable vaporizer that you can't carry around with you. You should check out the measurements of the vaporizer before you purchase it. Some vaporizers can be mistaken for pens or lipstick containers, while others are mistaken for a flask or key chain.

Most brands are developing pen-style vaporizers because of the portability and features they offer. Portable vaporizers don't change in size because they are made to be bigger than pens. They contain a heating chamber and other features such as LED displays and temperature controls.

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Tip #3: Vapor Quality

There are two ways in which vaporizers produce vapor. One method called conduction typically involves heating the elements within the unit. The other method is called convection, in which hot air passes through the herbs. The convection method is not common with pen vaporizers. Convection often ruins the taste of the herbs.

There are some dry herb vaporizers that use combustion, most users prefer to use pure vapors to reap the health benefits of these herbs. Those with respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema would be better off without combustion vaporizers. More pen-style vaporizers heat up the coils instead of the herbs because this is the most effective way to do it in smaller devices.

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Tip #4: Simplicity and Ease of Use

It's important to choose the simplest device. You want to use a pocket vaporizer that reaps the herbal or therapeutic benefits and is safe to use. After you receive a vaporizer, take it out of the box and fill it with the herbal materials of your choice. Turn on the device and choose one of the heat settings to start vaping at your own pace. Other vaporizers offer power and temperature controls for ease of use and maintenance.

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Top #5: Vapor Flavors

Flavor is also one of the most important qualities in choosing the right vaporizer. The air pathways, the materials inside the chamber, and the mouthpiece are all responsible for the flavor. While the dry herbs, oil, or wax have the greatest impact on flavor, all three of these components can increase or decrease the quality of the flavor. Glass is the best material to use with dry herbs since it doesn't affect the flavor at all.

Glass is only good to use when vaping dry herbs or wax. Some users prefer to use ceramic coils. When it comes to dry herbs, most pen vaporizers don't' contain glass heating chambers. It's important for you to determine if you want to use ceramic or stainless steel chambers.

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Tip #6: Reliability of the Brand

Your portable vapor is something that should last for a long time. You want to choose one that's durable and sturdy. But keep in mind that accidents will happen, especially if you use your pen vaporizer a lot. Some accidents are caused by human error while others are from factory defects.

When it comes to buying a reliable vaporizer, it's important to know which brand it is. Shopping from a local vape shop is fine, but dealing with defects and broken parts can cause a hassle because these stores offer a low inventory since they don't buy directly from the manufacturer. When you purchase your portable vaporizer from an online store, you're working directly with the manufacturer. Inspect the vaporizer and its components before use and make sure the product is packaged with the optimal amount of protection.

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Tip #7: Battery Life

This is important if you plan to use your portable vaporizer a lot. Some vaporizers have external batteries, which allows you to travel with a charger. Other vaporizers have a battery life from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the temperature settings. Some vaporizers may last between 1 to 2 hours at the highest settings.

You also notice how the device charges. If it uses an external charger, you're able to charge the device anywhere you go. If you want your own vaporizer for dry herbs and wax, then it's important to have vape pens that come with a charging cable. This allows you to charge the device in your laptop or another device with USB ports.

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Tip #8: Vapor Maintenance

Most vaporizers are going to require some bit of maintenance. But keep in mind that some portable vaporizers are easier to use than others. Dry herb vaporizers require less maintenance than wax vaporizers. The maintenance shouldn't deter you from purchasing the right vaporizer, but your personal preferences will vary.