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Cool Bongs We Love - Five Staff Favorites

Cool Bongs We Love

There’s no doubt that bongs embody the cool. For heavy flower smokers, water pipes are the smoothest way to go, offering cooling and filtration for your smoke. They’re relatively easy to use, offer massive rips, and come in many shapes and sizes. 

Cool Bongs We Love

Because most bongs are hand-crafted glass pieces, it allows for each maker to put their own spin on the design. If you’ve ever gone into a smoke shop that sells glass you’ve probably perused the bongs and pipes section and man, they can be impressive! 

There are so many shapes and colors into which the glass can be molded. This means you're free to choose a piece that suits you and, if you choose, go for something that'll be a great conversation-starter among friends. In this article, we’ll look at five of our favorite bong designs that really catch your eye!


1. Medium Flower Water Pipe - Noble Glass

Shower Head Jelly Fish - Tsanami

From the earth blossoms “The Flower” for your flower. With a really cool spiral design leading to a giant flower just above the chamber, this piece is pretty in pink and conjures up images of springtime blooms. When you take a rip off this one, imagine that new spring freshness that you only feel in that late March and April period, when winter is receding into the background and flowers are finally peeking their heads out of the ground. With a cool pink glass, it sure looks like it could spread love, optimism, and good vibes to all that take a rip.   


2. Shower Head Jelly Fish - Tsanami  

Shower Head Jelly Fish - Tsanami

In the summertime, jellyfish are something you usually try to avoid, but in this case, the jellyfish doesn’t sting at all! The jellyfish, in this case, are the dual percolators inside this compact twin-chambered device. Whenever you take a rip, It lights up the whole room with an amazing visual. Like a real jellyfish, the water flutters and expands with every smoke bubble that pops through the percs. Great for parties and groups, this will certainly capture the attention of anyone who loves bubblers


3. 9" Gecko Clear Cylinder - AMG

9" Gecko Clear Cylinder - AMG

Animal-themed bongs are great! Unlike the jellyfish, the Gecko's artwork is on the outside, with a big lizard crawling across the decorative wart-studded chamber. You could spend hours looking at the gecko, coming up with different stories for how it came to be on the bong, naming it, theorizing about it’s personality. Like a gecko, this is a pretty and petite device, standing at only 9 inches, it’s easy to pass around and fun to use. 


4. Terrestrial Classic Water Pipe - Chameleon Glass

Terrestrial Classic Water Pipe - Chameleon Glass

“Otherworldly” doesn’t even begin to explain how pretty this pipe is. With a lightly tinted purple finish, this frosted gem will fit perfectly on your table all day long, That’s just how exquisite it looks. Although it claims it’s a terrestrial classic water pipe, this is clearly made to look like it comes from an extraterrestrial astral plane. It also functions beautifully, adding a classic feel, while 4mm thick glass adds a nice, sturdy durability.


5. 18" Inline Pipe - Roor

18" Inline Pipe - Roor

Impressive looking and imposingly huge, the 18 inch Inline Pipe is truly a bong for the hardcore rippers among us. Coming in multiple colors, this bong can be a minty mix of yellow and blue and black, or it can also be black and milky white. Whichever you choose, it has an eye-popping amount of color for such an already robustly sized bong. The sheer size of this is already pretty cool, but with so many different colors and the cool looking inline design, this is a winner when it comes to top-notch high end water pipes.