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7 Cute Bongs That Every Girl Needs To See

cute bongs

The benefits of smoking bud are virtually endless, which is why human beings have been consuming this miraculous herb for more than 500 years. There are dozens of difficult ways to consume marijuana, which us most-commonly smoked. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, like me and my boyfriend are, then you’ve likely smoked from a bong at least once in your life. Choosing the right bong depends on the type of bong you’re interested in purchasing. There are bongs made from plastic, bamboo, metal, ceramic, and glass, which feature a variety of different styles and preferences. As a girl, I typically want my bong to be well-made and most importantly, cute. Below is a list of some of the most cute bongs on the market.

7 Cute Bongs

7 of the Cutest Bongs Every Girl Needs to See

Beaker Bong Kit - Higher Standards

Beaker Bong Kit by Higher Standards

Price: $161.99

The Beaker Bong Kit features a traditional breaker design, which is about as heavy-duty and stylish as they come. The name beaker bong is due to its distinctive shape, which almost resembles a typical laboratory beaker. A beaker bong has a wide-shaped base, which is designed to maximize the volume of water used to filter the smoke. Oftentimes bongs are filled with water to reduce dry heat, which is more cooling, smoother, and feels better on your lungs. The design is simplistic and beautiful. Due to its wide base, it’s less likely to tip over and break. Unlike traditional straight bongs, beaker bongs reduce splashbacks when taking a big hit. The bong is made of borosilicate glass, which unlike typical glass, will not crack under extreme temperatures. This type of glass is commonly used in high-end restaurants and wineries. The beaker bong is equipped with a triple pinch ice-catch and a detachable diffused downstem, which can enhance the flavor of the bud. The beaker bong is made from a silicone mold and the mouthpiece is designed to hold a piece of ice, which offers a more enjoyable smoking experience. The bong is 14.25" tall, easy to disassemble, and features a 4-inch wide base. It’s sleek and lightweight design is very appealing, which every girl would love to own. The bong kit comes in a fitted box, which features high-density foam insulation to protect it from breaking, along with a convenient carrying handle.

12" Pink Rasta Leaves Beaker - AMG

12" Pink Rasta Leaves Beaker by AMG

Price: $93.99

As far as cute bongs go, it doesn't get any cuter than this Pink Rasta Leaf Beaker. If you're looking for a cute way to embrace the Rasta lifestyle, then you’ll love this bong. This beaker bong features a Rasta leaf decal, which has a light pink hue. The Rasta leaf decal is strategically placed through the length of the bong, which features green, red, and gold accents. The portable piece is designed by AMG. AMG (American Glass Made) has produced high-quality glass bongs, bubblers, and fab rigs for more than a decade. The bong is made using Borosilicate glass, which is 6mm thick and thermal resistant. It offers a thick beaker base, which delivers superior balance and perfect symmetry. The beaker bong is 12-inches high, which features an 18mm female joint, and a 14mm to 18mm removal downstem. The bong is American-made and the embodiment of “chill.” The design also features small notches in the neck to catch ice, which is smoother on the throat and lungs. The downstem also detaches, which makes it much easier to clean.

Large Water Pipe With Dichro Wrap - Noble Glass

Large Water Pipe With Dichro Wrap by Noble Glass


Price: $179.99

Noble Glass doesn’t simply design bongs and water pipes, it creates unique works of art, which employ a highly-trained team of Artisan glassblowers. As far as hand-blown glass pipes go, it doesn’t get much better than Noble Glass, which utilizes a collective of 10 skilled glassblowers. The glassblowers shape the glass using a 2100 degree furnace and muscle, which is a tenuous process that can take days to complete. They are the best at what they do, which is showcased in all of their beautiful hand blown pieces. The water pipe features a dichro wrap, which changes color in certain lighting. When you take into consideration all of the work that went into this piece, it’s perfectly priced. There are of course less expensive water pipes on the market, but none possess the same level of quality or beauty. The bong measures between 19 to 21-inches high. The bong comes with a diffused downstem and features a whimsical purple design. It’s also equipped with a large chamber and an ice catcher, which makes it easier to inhale.

Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Water Pipe - Chameleon Glass

Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Water Pipe by Chameleon Glass

Price: $107.99

There is nothing worse than spilling pipe water all over your clothes and flower, which can take forever to clean up. If you struggle with spillage, then you may want to consider investing in a spill-proof pipe. This piece is designed by Chameleon Glass. Chameleon Glass is a high-end glass manufacturer, who has been creating glass tobacco accessories since 1991. They employ more than 100 highly-skill glassblowers in 10 different states, which continually strive to deliver functional superiority and aesthetic consistency. The spill-proof pipe is practically a bong that fits in your pocket. The pipe features a series of holes that are strategically placed through the glass mechanism, which improves airflow and produces bubbles more easily. The pocket-sizes bubbler comes in 5 different colors, which include black, blue, green, pink, and clear. The pipe is easy to transport and is small enough to fit in your smoke, which measures 5.5 × 1.5 × 2.5-inches. It’s made from high-quality glass to reduce the likelihood of it breaking.

Klein Sproket Recycler Pipe 7" - Grav Labs

Klein Sproket Recycler Pipe 7" by Grav Labs

Price: $189.99

In recent years, recycler bongs have taken the world by storm, which is an innovative design that features a two-chamber system. The tube connects to both chambers, which recycled the water. When it comes to traditional bongs, the water will stay in the base, but using a recycler bong, the water will travel to the second chamber, which is located near the mouthpiece, then back into the base chamber. The design offers more than simply a “cool look,” it cools and preserves each hit to make sure it doesn’t go stale before it hits your mouth. It offers superior smoothness and improves the flavor of the flower. The Klein Sproket design offers a more efficient smoking experience, which features 32mm Tubing, sprocket disc perc, 14mm funnel bowl, Klein-style drain, and a relaxed bend neck.

Pineapple Paradise Mini Rig - Empire Glassworks

Pineapple Paradise Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks


Price: $299.99

This bong is by far the cutest one on the list because there's nothing more adorable than a pineapple-shaped rig. The rig is designed by Empire Glassworks, which is a glass company established by highly-skilled glassblowers who have produced hand-blown glass products for more than 40-years. The company specializes in producing highly-detailed glass smoking accessories, including pipes, bubblers, bongs, and rigs. The pineapple-themed mini rig looks so delicious it’ll make your mouth water, which will make you feel as if you’re lounging on a beach in Maui. The mini rig features beautiful tropical accents including a mini umbrella, kiwi, and a cherry on top. The colorful straw even acts as a mouthpiece. The rig measures 6” in height and features a diffused downstem, hand-spun color tubing, 14mm male flower bowl, and 90 degree 14mm female joint.

Rose Glasspiece - My Bud Vase

Rose Glasspiece by My Bud Vase

Price: $197.99

You no longer have to choose between femininity and functionality, because the Rose Glass Piece offers both. The Victorian vase-themed pipe, which doubles as an actual vase is made of thick glass. The vase features an accented flower piece centered around the neck, which comes in pink and ivory. What better way to smoke flowers, than out of an actual flower vase. The vase-themed pipe is 6-inches tall, which features a 45-degree joint, fixed downstem, and rubber grommet female joint.