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Davinci Miqro Vaporizer Overview


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Longtime vapers are likely already familiar with Davinci Vaporizers, given their solid lineup of portable vaporizers dates all the way back to 2012. Their IQ series was released in 2016 to rave reviews. Following up on that success, the Miqro takes the IQ design and shrinks it even further, providing one of the most compact portable vaping setups on the market.   

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer

While the Miqro is a great device for individual or on-the-go use, there are some drawbacks that might not make it the best fit for servicing the whole party. Let's take a look into what makes the latest Davinci tick.



The most impressive aspect of this vaporizer is obviously its size. Standing just 3 ⅛ in. tall by 1 ⅜ in. wide and 1 in. deep, this is perhaps the smallest herb vaporizer that we’ve come across. It’s easy to palm and tucks discreetly into the palm of your hand.

The Miqro uses conductive heating, and like everything else on the device the chamber is rather small, only offering room for about 0.25g of herb when fully packed. We find it works best, however, with a little less - say 0.15g or 0.2g. If you're not a heavy toker the small chamber might help avoid wasting flower when vaping alone, otherwise plan on packing more than one bowl.

The all-aluminum body is solidly built, with magnetically-connected top and bottom caps. Break away the lower one to access the vape oven, protected by a "pearl" that can be adjusted up or down to provide the ideal compaction for varying bowl sizes. The top cap contains the mouthpiece (both flat and tube versions are included), a cleaning/tamping pick, removable airflow tube, and battery door.

Continuing the Miqro's "micro" theme, the battery again is smaller than normal - while we're used to seeing 18650 cells used on replaceable-battery vapes, the Miqro uses a, 18350, which is 30 mm shorter than the industry standard 65 mm height while remaining the same 18 mm wide.

The exterior also has a micro-USB charging port along with a series of LED lights to indicate battery life, temperature setting, and heating status. Three buttons toggle through device features, with the power button using the standard five-click on/off configuration and up/down buttons to adjust temperature.

Miqro Vaporizer 4 pack


The Davinci Miqro uses something called "smart path" LED technology, with four pre-programmed heat settings. These start at 350, 370, 390, or 410 degrees Fahrenheit, then gradually rise by 20 degrees over the course of a five minute session to start your vape off smooth and warm up to get the most out of your herb when it's close to spent.

Expect a ramp-up time of a little under a minute before the Miqro hits its temperature, from there you'll get from eight to ten hits over a five-minute period. Vapor and flavor production are both solid but not overly impressive, though with just four airflow holes in the oven the draw is a bit restricted - long, slow pulls win the day here.

It's not uncommon for the device itself to get warm during operation. Davinci offers a solution to this in their "Explorer" upgrade packages that adds a silicone sleeve to the device, along with a spare battery, soft carrying pouch, and a dual-chambered canister that holds both extra herb and a spare battery that's included with the upgrade.


Okay, the tiny size of the Miqro is its biggest advantage, but it's also the worst flaw.

First, the small chamber means you'll only be able to pack enough ground herb in at a time for a handful of rips. That might work for personal use, but expect to reload at least once if you're sharing with friends.

Battery life also suffers by downgrading to an 18350 battery. Expect to get just four or five bowls out of a charge, which could constitute a single session depending on how many people are present. Replacement batteries are of course available, and with a good external charger (which we can't recommend enough), you can always have spares ready to go for home use (or in your go-can with the Explorer kit), but this makes the Miqro a much better personal device than a party workhorse.


Going from the IQ to the Miqro, the designers at Davinci have proven they can improve on an already-popular design. The Miqro is a great fit in your pocket or purse, making it handy to always have a vape at the ready. For some, though, it might just be too small. If chamber size and battery life aren't deal-killers, the Miqro is a device that looks great, performs well, and delivers a smooth, consistent dose with virtually zero effort.