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Do Dab Pens Smell? Read This Before You Smoke

Do dab pens smell

What are dab pens, and how do they work?

A dab pen, also referred to as a wax pen, works like a vaporizer or a vape pen. The only difference is that vapes use liquids, whereas dab pens use wax. The wax in the heating chamber is heated at high temperatures until it releases cannabis concentration in vapor form.

A wax pen resembles a normal writing pen. Somebody who does not have an idea of vapes or wax pens might confuse it with a writing pen. The vaporizer has a chamber that holds the cannabis concentrate in wax, a battery to enhance heating, and a mouthpiece used to inhale the vapor. Dab pens have a USB port that is used to charge the battery. On processing the power button, the wax is heated up and melts. The wick absorbs the melted wax, heats it in high temperatures to form a vapor.

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Do dab pens smell?

It is a question that lingers in the minds of people who want to be discreet or those who are just curious. Yes, dab pens smell but not as strong as the dry weed does. Smoking the natural weed does smell a lot leaving a stink in wherever you smoked from. Wax pens, on the other hand, does smell, but the smell goes away in a short while. When you want to dab, you will probably smell the wax heating up. The smell will get stronger when you inhale, but it won't even take long before the smell disappears if you are in a room with good air circulation.

The different strains of concentrates in the cartridge also affect the smell of the wax pen. Some are strong, while others are relatively less concentrated. Some of the most common strains include; sour dream, blue dream, girl scout cookies, Afghan Kush, Pink Bubba Kush, lemon haze, and white window shatter.

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Tips to reduce the smell from wax pens

• Take small puffs so that you don't create visible clouds of vapor. The more the vapor, the more the smell.

• Use the wax pens in well-ventilated areas. Vaping in the open air is the best since there is more circulation of air. If you have to vape in a room, ensure that it is well ventilated. You might also consider installing window fans.

• Exhale the vapor upwards. Generally, heated air is less dense than cold air. When you exhale the vapor downwards, it will take some time to rise above the cold air. Exhaling, when facing upwards, reduces the time the smell is going to be in the atmosphere.

• Keep your wax pan in an airtight container. If you carry it in your pockets without covering it up, expect that slight smell of weed.

• Keep your pen clean. The wax is heated by conduction heat, and it may leave the vaporizer clogged, which may emit some cannabis smell.

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Advantages of the dab pen over the natural dry herb

1. No smoke
The regular weed intake consists of smoking naturally dried cannabis herb. Smoke residue is deposited in the human lungs causing long-term health complications. Vapes don't produce smoke, so they are much safer.

2. Less smell
Since there is no smoke, it produces a manageable smell that disappears within a short period.

3. It is versatile
Whether outdoor or indoor, you do not have to worry about smell other than smoking dry cannabis.

4. It is cost-effective
Inhaling once is enough dose. When using the dry herb, you will have to buy a lot to get satisfaction. The wax in the dab pen will serve you longer.

5. Medicinal use
Wax pens are easy to use, especially for people who use cannabis for its medicinal value. Using the traditional smoking of weed only makes matters worse since the smoke has other side effects on the body.

6. It is portable
Imagine having to carry dry marijuana. It is not even comfortable because of the stinking smell. As long as you keep your dab pen clean, you can take it in your pocket all day without anybody realizing it.

Bottom line

That said, it is essential to note that long-term use of marijuana may lead to health issues, including anxiety hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis due to the high THC amounts. Do dab pens smell? Now you know that dab pens do smell, and if you need to be completely discreet, you have to vape in well-ventilated areas.