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G Pen Elite Vape Pen by Grenco Science

Grenco Science Portable Vaporizers

Grenco Science is one of dry herb vaping's elder statesmen, so far as brands go. Founded in 2012, the brand initially rose to fame by collaborating with hip-hop legends like Snoop Dogg. Those early offerings weren't too impressive, pairing an eGo-style stick battery intended for vaping nicotine liquid with a redesigned heating element that delivered somewhat disappointing results.

Grenco's products have significantly improved in recent years, with the G Pen line representing their first foray into designing devices specifically with ground herb in mind.

G Pen Elite Vape Pen by Grenco Science

The G Pen Elite is the most advanced of the G Pen offerings. Its small, ergonomic design offers a mix of easy-to-use features that make it ideal for both home and on-the-go use. Let's dive into the details.  


The first thing you’ll notice about the G Pen Elite is its' size. While not quite as small as the wildly-popular PAX, the Elite stands 4.5 in. tall and 1.5 in. wide, still comfortable to carry in a pocket or purse. The device is a mixture of shiny and matte black, with plastic and rubberized outer coating. It's also lightweight, clocking in at just 88 grams.

The Elite features a large ceramic chamber for heating, located just underneath the removable mouthpiece. It can fit almost a gram of dried ground herb, making it one of the largest chambers on a portable vaporizer.

Three buttons control the device. Rapidly click the power button five times to turn it on or off, and hold down for two seconds to activate the heating element. On the side, two buttons allowing you to adjust the temperature up and down are located alongside an LED screen displaying the current temperature and battery level. The LED is concealed while the device is being gripped, meaning it can still be used discreetly in dark spaces.

Included with the device is a micro-USB charging cable, a keyring tamper/packer, cleaning brush, and handy credit card-sized portable grinder.

G Pen Elite Vape Pen by Grenco Science - design


The G Pen Elite's temperature control allows the user to vape at up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, but we find it works the best in the 360 to 400 degree range. The electronic display on the side, coupled with the adjustment buttons, make for simple operations.

Ramp-up time on the Elite is also impressive. Whereas other convection devices can take up to a minute to heat up, the G Pen Elite only takes about 20 seconds to get to your desired temperature, which you can watch in real time as the screen sends up-to-the-second readings. While Grenco calls this a convection vape, there's a heat conduction element at play as well, thanks to the all-ceramic chamber with embedded heating wires throughout.

As noted above, the chamber can hold nearly a gram of ground herb, though we'd recommend packing only as much as you intend on using in a single session as vapor quality noticeably decreases with the herb that's being heated a second or third time. A medium to fine grind seems to perform best in the Elite, allowing for fuller extraction than a coarser grind.


The biggest drawback to this device is low vapor production, particularly with the herb that's ground too coarsely and at low-temperature settings. If you crank up the device to over 400 degrees you'll get a good cloud, but that comes at the expense of taste to a degree.

Another drawback is that the G Pen Elite isn't available with a replaceable battery. We're hoping to see that as an option when the device eventually receives an update.   


All in all, this is an extremely satisfying device that's worth the price of entry. It's considerably more affordable than PAX or other similar convection devices, which typically run more than two hundred dollars. By including a number of features not found on other devices at this price point, we think the G Pen Elite is a worthy addition to any collection.