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Grav Labs Mini 5 Inch Steamroller Pipe Review

Grav Labs Mini 5" Steamroller Pipe

Sometimes you want a little extra power from your pipe. A good way to do that is by switching to a heavy-hitting device called a steamroller. Over at Grav Labs, they’re known for their personalized and fun pieces, but today we're looking at a small, affordable piece called the Mini 5” Steamroller Pipe

The main advantage of a steamroller over a spoon pipe or chillum is going to be airflow, which we'll discuss in a moment. While it may come down to preference and what you’re used to, these devices are meant to “steamroll” over you with smoke. With a finger placed over the front carb, the pipe of these devices will fill up with smoke and then it’s up to you take suck it down until you’re feeling nice and toasty. A great alternative to pipes with carbs on the side.  

Grav Labs Mini 5 Inch Steamroller Pipe Review


What makes a steamroller pipe a steamroller? First off, all steamrollers are pipes, but not all pipes are steamrollers. With a spoon pipe, you've got the bowl at the end and a small carb hole on one side of the bowl. A steamroller is going to be a straight tube that's open at both ends, with the bowl placed a little bit closer to the carb end than the mouthpiece. Since the carb creates a straight shot to the mouthpiece (and is a lot larger than with spoon pipes), once you uncover it you're going to get a ton of airflow for a quick and potent inhale.

Grav Labs' Mini is on the small side for steamrollers, checking in at just 5" long but with a nice diameter that checks in just south of an inch wide. It's available in clear or amber glass, and a couple warts (clear on the amber, colored on the clear) serve as "feet" to keep the pipe from rolling over and spilling the bowl when it's set down.

Unlike bowl pipes, it doesn’t have a carb on the side, but you need to put your finger over the front of the device and release when you want to take a hit. This is one of the most significant differences, other than its straight pipe shape, to distinguish itself from other bowl designs. Most models, unlike bowls, are also clear, which allows you to see the pipe itself fill up with smoke so you can gauge when it’s time to take a hit. 

Mini Steamroller Pipe 5"


Like we said, steamrollers pack a punch due to the carb size and placement. If thick, dense, potent smoke is what you're after, steamrollers have you covered. Even with the relatively compact size of this piece from Grav Labs, it's still not for the faint of heart or inexperienced smokers. But if you're looking for massive clouds from a miniature package it's hard to go wrong here.

Let's talk a bit about the diminutive nature of the piece - it's actually a great portable piece, with nice thick glass that should stand up to some minor bumps and bruises. Grab a padded sleeve and it's great for on-the-go use.

The simple design also makes cleanup a snap. You've got clear access to the bowl from both sides, making it much easier to get pipe cleaners or other scrubbers into all the nooks and crannies as compared to your typical spoon pipe. If you're a neat freak, the simple, easily maintained steamroller design should be a winner for you.


With a nice design and strong performance, this is one of the better pieces to be had for less than twenty dollars. Grav Labs is our go-to for affordable, small pipes (see: our review for the Sandblasted Spoon Pipe), and this device is no different. If you’re looking for something to deliver a little more power that's still small enough to transport, than the Mini 5” Steamroller Pipe by Grav Labs might be a good choice for you.