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Grav Labs Sandblasted Spoon Pipe Review


Grav Labs Sandblasted Spoon Pipe Review

The best pipes are the ones that make you feel like you have something personal, something friendly, something that's uniquely your own. Grav Labs is one of the most reliable brands for personalized pieces. Historically, they’re known for fun pieces like the Sherlock or Gandalf, both of which feature recognizable designs and a strong pull with every hit. 

Grav Labs Sandblasted Spoon Pipe Overview

Grav Labs also hits a great price point with their unique but affordable designs, and the Sandblasted Spoon Pipe is a classic 4" spoon that fits nicely in your hand. The design is pretty much what you'd expect with a bubble bowl and side carb. With a sandblasted frosty finish on a compact 4 inch piece, this can be taken anywhere, any time. 



At only 4 inches, this curvy compact hand-crafted glass looks great and feels comfortable in any situation. It comes in a variety of colors with a sandblasted, almost frosty-looking finish that really adds to the overall appeal. We found that the best part about this piece, in particular, was the frosted finish - not only does it cover most of the pipe and prevent resin buildup from looking too bad between cleanings, the hollowed-out "Grav" logo on the top of the stem that's left smooth is a nice touch.

The finish gives an added bonus in that it's got a nice, grippy texture. If you've ever had a piece of glass that's just a bit too smooth slip out of your hands and smash on the ground (admit it, it's happened to all of us), that bit of extra grip might just come in handy.  

Aside from the finish, the design is pretty much what you'd expect from a glass spoon. There's a good-sized bowl, side carb,  and enough interior space between the bowl and outer pipe walls that you shouldn't need to worry about the pipe heating up in your hand. The 4" length has a good hand feel and is nice and compact without putting a flame too close to your face when sparking a bowl. Now, let's dive into performance...

Sandblasted Spoon Pipe "4 - Grav Labs


Again, what can we say here? This is a great example of the classic glass spoon pipe. The bowl is easy to pack, has enough room for plenty of flower, and the hole is wide enough to draw smoke but not so big that you'll worry about sucking ash or needing a screen. Due to its ergonomic design, the flower stays lit for an extended period of time, and it will only take a short session before you’re feeling nice and toasty. 

There’s a real versatility in using this type of pipe. Because of its size, this can be brought on vacation, taken on a camping trip, or brought for a night out. Good to pass around in groups, or great for single sessions by yourself, this little piece will go with you anywhere. 



Perhaps the best part of this piece is its price. Sold for less than twenty dollars, this is easily one of the best single purchases that you can make for a quality pipe. The people over at Grav Labs have come up with a beautiful little powerful device for a cheap and affordable price. If you’re looking for a new pipe, the Sandblasted Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs is a pretty good choice.