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How Do I Clean A Chillum?

How Do I Clean A Chillum?

Chillums are one of the best ways to get a small hit on the go. Easy to use on your own and great for groups, they pack a bigger punch than one-hitters while remaining simple and compact. Traditionally used by holy men in countries like India, chillums have made their way west and are now commonly sold at smoke shops around the U.S.A. Most likely, you’ll find them near the glass pipes or one-hitters.

How To Clean A Chillum

Just like one-hitters, however, one of the more labor intensive parts about using chillums is how quickly they get dirty. This is because it’s only one straight glass with a bowl that empties out into a long chamber that fills up with smoke before entering your mouth. A lot of the time, this chamber gets resin, ash, and some of the smoked leaf and/or tobacco lining the walls of the piece. If they go for almost any period of time without cleaning, the glass quickly turns black.

how to clean a helix Chillum

It’s best, then, to get into the habit of cleaning your chillum on a regular basis. These pieces quickly begin to have a nasty burnt ashy taste to it. Depending on how often you use it, you’ll want to clean these pieces at least once a day if you’re a frequent smoker. However, for those particularly adverse to the burnt taste, you’re probably going to want to give it a quick clean after every use. 

There are a couple ways to go about doing this. In the next section we’ll outline some easy ways to clean out your chillum with just a few household items or items you can get from your local smoke shop or online headshop


Pipe Cleaners

A classic for one-hitters and chillums, these little things will do the trick for any major blockages that stuff up the inside of your glass pipes. They won’t, however, make your pieces look like new again, which, if that’s your desired goal, then you should probably find another method. However, for a quick fix to a blocked up pipe, this will do the trick. 

At Breazy, you can get the quality Pipe Cleaners from the reliable and affordable company, Higher Standards.

ROOR Glass Cleaner

Rubbing Alcohol

Another common way to clean your glass chillum is by soaking it in alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, or 91 percent isopropyl alcohol, will probably work the best. You can find them at any local pharmacy or Walgreens. You can also get Glass Cleaner from Breazy from the company Formula 420. 

Be warned! If you do use the rubbing alcohol, it could discolor non-glass pieces if you’re not careful. This happens to most one-hitters when they originally come with yellowish ends, which will discolor over time and increased when being soaked in alcohol. Similar discolorations can happen to chillums if you’re not careful. 

For cleaning, all you have to do is to get a plastic bag, fill it up halfway with the rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner formula, and leave it in there for about 45 minutes. After that time, the dirt should be fairly cleansed from the inside of the pipe and you can probably scrape out the rest of it with the pipe cleaners. For abrasive action that really gets your glass clean without damaging it, add a healthy dose of table salt (it won't dissolve in the alcohol) and give the piece a good shake.

The color of the solution should be changed to a dark brown or black depending on how dirty your piece is. Afterwards, take out the pipe and clean down the inside with a paper towel or some pipe cleaners - make sure to use plenty of clean water to get rid of any alcohol or cleaning solution that might be left on the pipe. With some patience and effort, your chillum should look as good as new.