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How to Change Your Temperature On Your Pax 3


How to Change Your Temperature On Your Pax 3

Not long ago, temperature control was a feature almost exclusively found on tabletop wax vaporizers and dry leaf vaporizers . As technology has advanced in recent years, however, any portable vape rig worthy of a spot in your lineup will feature a range of options when it comes to choosing how you prefer to heat your concentrates or dry leaf.

The PAX 3, the latest offering from the portable vaporizer pioneers Pax Labs, is certainly no slouch when it comes to performance. But no worries if you're having trouble dialing your device in, we're here to help.


First, though, let's talk a bit about what temperature control is and isn't. A temperature setting doesn't necessarily mean your vaporizer always operates at a fixed temperature, only that it won't surpass a programmed heat setting. Expect a ramp-up time ranging anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute-plus, with the Pax 3 being one of the quicker devices on the market to reach vaping temperature.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Basic Kit

The advantage of temperature control is that it gives users control over the vaping experience. Vaping at a lower temperature will produce better flavor, but a hotter vape will produce a bigger cloud. Different cannabinoids and terpenes are also best extracted at different temperatures, so the profile of compounds you're looking to extract, and even the strain you're extracting them from will give you reason to vary your temperature setting.

The PAX 3 Vaporizer has four distinct temperature settings, each easily accessed. Press down on the mouthpiece once to power up the device, then look to the PAX’s signature petal display with four lights. Upon startup, they'll pulse purple to let you know the device is heating, then turn green when you're up to temperature and ready to vape.

At any point in time while powered on, hold the mouthpiece down for two seconds to enter adjustment mode. From there you'll see four settings ranked from low to high: one green petal, two yellow petals, three orange, or four red. Cycle through the settings by quickly clicking once on the mouthpiece. Temperatures that correspond to those settings are as follows:


Temp 1 360F / 182C  1 Green LEDs 16 second pre-heat time
Temp 2 380F / 193C 2 Yellow LEDs 16 second pre-heat time
Temp 3 400F / 204C 3 Orange LEDs 17 second pre-heat time
Temp 4 420F / 215C 4 Red LEDs 18 second pre-heat time

Once your temperature is selected, the display will go back into purple pre-heat mode, with a helpful tactile vibration in addition to the green indicator light to let you know when you're ready to vape.

When you're done vaping, a single quick click powers the device down. It'll also shut off automatically after three minutes, in case you're sufficiently dosed to forget.

That's about all there is to it - now that you know how to quickly and easily adjust your Pax 3 vaporizer's temperature, it's time to start playing with temp settings to find what works best for you and your preferred strain of flower or concentrate. Happy vaping!