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5 Ways to Choose the Right Bong Size | What to Look for in Your Bong

5 Ways to Choose the Right Bong Size

Whether you're buying your first bong or adding another one to your collection, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. You'll get more out of your bong if you choose something that fits your lifestyle. Here are some tips for choosing the right bong for sale, right down to its size.


How To Choose The Right Bong Size

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Dry Herbs or Concentrates?

Before you determine the size, you should determine whether you plan to use concentrates or dry herbs. Water pipes are great for both concentrates and legal herbs, but you should also determine the kind that you want. Dry herbs require a bowl with a large stem at a 45- or a 90-degree angle. Meanwhile, concentrates require the use of a nail pipe, which has a stem at a 90-degree angle.

If you want to use both dry herbs and concentrates, purchase a small or medium-sized glass bong for sale that can be used with a quartz attachment. This allows you to quickly change from concentrates and dry herbs with ease.

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The next thing you should consider is the percolator function of your desired bong for sale. This allows you to diffuse the smoke before you inhale it. Dry herbs create combustion which isn't good for your health. Percolators filter unwanted toxins during the combustion process so you're not inhaling a large number of byproducts.

It also cools down the smoke the moment before you inhale it. This contributes to a cleaner and smoother hit. Bongs come with built-in diffusers called honeycombs or tree percolators that allow you to add accessories. When it comes to dry herbs, determine your preference when it comes to choosing the right percolator. Legal concentrates require less combustion and less diffusion, which means a smaller pipe is required for optimal flavor.

Size Matters

You probably know that bong sizes matter. Consider how you intend to use your bong before you research the various bongs. Is it for home use or something you plan to bring with you on your adventures? Your intended use should dictate the size of the bong.

Smaller bong sizes make it easier to carry them around and store. They're ideal for travel. Meanwhile, larger bong sizes are going to cost more. They're also great for home use and come with more modifications and use for percolation. You should also consider your lungs when you buy bongs online.

If this is your first time buying a bong, then you should get a medium water pipe or small bong. Smaller pipes such as beakers or bell-shaped bases are more durable while larger rigs are more likely to break due to their fragility and impressive size. If you plan to use your bong among friends, a small or medium-sized bong is ideal. But if you love to make huge bong rips, then buy bongs online that are bigger in size. If you want your bong to become the focal point in your home, then consider getting a massive one.

Materials Matter Too

The materials matter as much as the size does. Bongs can be made from a wide variety of materials such as bamboo, ceramic, or silicone. Acrylic and plastic water pipes are translucent enough to see the water. But they're not as creative as glass bongs and can't be as easily modified.

Ceramic bongs are typically cheaper than glass bongs. They're also more durable and pleasant to look at, but can be extremely hard to clean. This causes them to have a shorter life cycle than other bongs. Bamboo is the latest type of bong that's sturdy and lasts for years. Silicone is durable and flexible enough for traveling and carrying in a suitcase.

Glass bongs are the most common types you'll find. It's the best bong for sale due to its add-ons and modifications. If you're concerned about durability, then consider a scientific glass bong for sale that's thicker and harder to break. However, you should consider your personal taste and preferences when it comes to your choice of materials.

Budget Concerns

Remember: the more colorful the bong, the higher its cost. When purchasing your first bong, then you should have a budget in place. You should also know that most other materials cost less than glass bongs. Scientific glass bongs can save you money on future modifications thanks to its add-ons and glass adapters as you become an experienced smoker. Determine which bong you want and research different styles or types to find the cheapest ones.

Purchasing the right bong can be a lot of work. It depends on personal preferences and being educated in the existing options. The process will get easier with experience. This guide should give you an idea of the wide varieties to determine what kind of bong you're looking for.