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11 Ways To Make A Homemade Pipe

how to make a pipe

If you do not have a pipe on hand, do not fret. There are plenty of items you may have lying around the house that you can use as a pipe. We all come across times when we are left without a pipe, but sometimes that just means that we need to get more creative. This list will help you make a homemade pipe in no time.

apple pipe

Photo by Cannabis Wiki 


While you can make a pipe out of different fruits, apples are typically the easiest to work with. However, once you know how to make a pipe out of an apple you can use the same technique with other fruits and even vegetables. You will first want to select an apple that is ripe and is sturdy. Choosing an apple that is soft means that it will not hold the smoke as good. You will then want to take a pencil or a metal straw and stab the apple through the center. This would be the location of the stem. Poke far down into the apple, but you do not want to poke all the way through the apple.

Now, you will want to stick your straw or pencil horizontally into the apple. This means the two lines you have made will meet perpendicularly. You will then want to make another hole on the other side, utilizing the same process. Make sure this location is convenient for you, as your finger will need to be able reach here when you hit. On top of the apple, you will need to carve out a bowl over top your first hole. Now, you are ready to pack a bowl with an apple.


For how to make a pipe, making a pen pipe is one of the simplest ways you can come across. This is mostly due to the fact that you just need a pen and pens are very easy to come by. Every household is likely to have a pen lying around. You will want to remove all components of the pen, so that you now have an empty pen tube. Take the cap and put it inside the tube, but backwards. You are doing this so that way you can use the cap as your bowl. Seal the bowl and then you are all set to back your bowl.

toilet paper pipe

Towel Roll

The toilet paper or towel paper roll is also referred to as a steamroller. You will want to cut a tiny hole in the paper towel roll, but not in the middle. You will want to off center the hole a little bit on one side. Then to form your bowl, you can take a tiny piece of aluminum foil. You can then seal one of the holes. The other side of the tube will then be covered when you take a hit by your hand. Now, your homemade paper towel roll pipe is complete.

pipe made from candy


Candy homemade pipes are generally quite popular for how easy they are to make and how they can be a tasty enhancer for your smoke. You will want to choose candy that is squishy. A fan favorite is often starbursts, as they are malleable but still hold their shape. Push the starbursts together after you have unwrapped them. You can squish as many as you would like together, but this will be the length of your pipe. Then, stack some starbursts going in the opposite direction to act as your bowl. You will then want to make two holes that end up perpendicular to each other inside the starbursts. Then, pack your bowl and you are ready to go.

pip made from a soda can

Soda Can

Making a pipe out of a soda can is considered one of the easiest methods to utilize. To create a soda can pipe, you can use any soda can. You will also need to utilize a knife. Since the mouthpiece opening in the top of the soda can is already there, you will not need to create one. Turn your can on its side and dent the side of the can. Then, you will want to use your knife to create some holes. This will be your bowl area. From here, you will be able to pack and light your bowl.


Another way on how to make a pipe is by using an ice block. You will want to pour water into a large container and then pop that container in your freezer. Once it has completely frozen, take the ice block out and begin carving it. Carve out an area through the block for the stem, a spot for the mouthpiece, and a place for your bowl. Then, you will just need to pack your bowl and you are done. Keep in mind that your ice block will eventually begin melting.

pipe made out of water bottle

Water Bottle

Since a water bottle is made out of plastic, you may need to utilize a drill in order to make a hole. However, you can also attempt to use a knife to make a hole on the far end of the bottle. You will then want to roll up a bit of aluminum foil so that you can construct a bowl. Then, pack your bowl and light it up.

smoking pipe made form tic tac box

Tic-Tac Box

In order to make a tic-tac box pipe, you will want to poke a hole in one the sides. It might be handy to have a drill on hand. You will then need a thin tube. You could use a pen or a straw for this portion of the instructions. In order to make your bowl for this box, you will need to gather a little bit of aluminum foil. Form it into a bowl shape and put it on the end of the tub you inserted into the box. You can then pop open the hole that is in the lid of the box. Then, light the bowl and you are all ready to inhale through the top.

pipe made from bamboo


You may have some bamboo on hand and if that is the case, you actually use the bamboo to make a pipe. However, you will need a drill into order to create a hole into the bamboo and one end of the bamboo needs to be covered. On the clean end of the bamboo where you initially drilled, you will need to make a mouthpiece. Bamboo works great as a homemade pipe because it is hollow on the inside.

Pringles Can

A pringles can as a pipe works similar to a soda can. You will need to use a knife or another sharp object to cut into the can and make room for a bowl. This can be accomplished by puncturing the can and then rolling up a fit of aluminum foil. Then your pringles can pipe is complete.

Let’s face it, sometimes we are left without a pipe. Not having a pipe on hand can be awkward and even frustrating. However, there are plenty of ways that you can make a homemade pipe on your own. But, you might just also be curious about different ways that you can make a pipe at home. Utilizing these methods will help to ensure that you never go without a pipe ever again because you will be able to use common objects around your home.