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How to Use a Bubbler and Why it is the Best

How to use a bubbler

There are different ways of smoking cannabis. Most smokers use bubblers and other forms of pipes to help experiment ways of enjoying and help their patients find better routes for administration, which suits their real needs.

How to Use a Bubbler

A bubbler is a piece of modern equipment. It is very portable and easy to use because of its regular glass pipe that offers smokers a better smoking experience. The bubblers are fast turning to become a staple smoking equipment for patients and rec users.

Basics of a Bubbler

Bubblers and bongs are very similar because both of them are a water pipe type. These bubblers are a cross between the standard water pipe and the traditional glass pipe. The two use percolation and water systems to help filter the smoke and create a soft and smooth hit.

The only difference here is the size and shape of bubblers. They resemble pipes, meaning that they are usually smaller than the regular bong and cannot be and can only be taken apart during the cleaning exercise.

A bubbler features a bowl, mouthpiece, and also carb hole. These characteristics are the same as those of a standard dry pipe. The only difference is that the stem built around this bowl is designed to hold a small amount of water that cools and filters the smoke before inhaling it.

How to Use a Bubbler

Bubbler is a straightforward device to use. You will start by adding cold water into the water chamber. Your hits will be smoother when you add cold water. The next step is to grind up weed the same way you would do for a regular bong and then pack it into a bowl. If the bubbler has the carb, make sure to cover it with a thumb and then place it on the mouthpiece.

You can now light the bowl and start drawing smoke into the chamber. After it's ready for smoking, remove your finger from the carb and then inhale the smoke coming from the room. You will enjoy the entire process.

Benefits of Using a Bubbler

Bubblers have been used by smokers to offer them an enjoyable smoking experience. For those who like smoking using a bong, the bubbler is the most enjoyable smoking mechanism. The smooth hits are the reason why one will prefer doing it again and again.

There is a lot of smoking convenience brought about by bubblers, which is contributed by the ease-of-use of a glass pipe with a bong's smoking capability.

Bubblers are durable, light, and also very easy to handle while smoking. The device is very convenient for novice smokers who may not be very familiar with the process of using a bong.

Disadvantages of a Bubbler

Everything has its negative side, and so the bubbler. One of the significant challenges associated with them is because they cannot be cleaned as fast and efficiently as a bong. The reason is that they are made of a solid piece of glass that cannot be taken apart. For hygiene purposes, the bubblers need some regular cleaning and, therefore a considerable challenge when it comes to cleaning.

Bubblers are not designed like the customizable bongs. Most of the bong users will have the luxury of adding new accessories to them. As for bubblers, things are different because it is made up of one piece of glass without removable parts. Customizing them is complicated, and there are no proven ways to do that.

Buying a Bubbler

There are several things to consider before proceeding to buy a bubbler pipe. The size of the materials drives the price and the decision to buy. As stated before, a bubbler can be in the form of a metal, bamboo, ceramic, glass, plastic, and other products. There are different types of bubblers in the market:


Medium Hammer Bubbler - Medicali


Hammer Bubbler

It has a hammer-like design. The bottom of the chamber and the mouthpiece holds the hammer in the right way.


Laidback Bubbler


Sherlock Bubbler

This bubbler has an elongated shape and a curved neck. It is a mix of a bong and a Sherlock pipe with an "S" shape design.


Helix Basic Bubbler


Pendant Bubbler

These are tiny devices that hang like pendants on the necklace. They are small enough, and one can hold them in the palm of their hand.


Bubbles Bubbler


Sidecar Bubbler

The sidecar bubbler has a neck and a mouthpiece adjacent to the chamber and the bowl. This bubbler usually eliminates excess water splashing into the mouth and the neck and thus avoiding that unpleasant odor.


Snoop Dogg Pounds Friendship Bubbler - Famous Brandz


Double Bubbler

The double bubbler offers extra filtration. These additional chambers will then add another coolant and a filtering aspect but are larger than the regular bubblers.