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Joints Vs Bowls: Which Is Better?

Joints Vs Bowls

There are so many, great ways to enjoy cannabis. Among the many ways to smoke it, bowls and joints are some of the most popular methods. Which of these is better, though? Follow along as we break-down the various factors to consider when comparing these popular consumption methods so that you can form your own opinion.

Joints Vs Bowls


As we start our comparison, we can begin with a big favorite for many: portability. Who doesn't enjoy the convenience of a highly portable product? While both joints and bowls are both highly portable, joints are the winner in this category of consideration.


Toad Bowl Piece by Empire Glassworks



Packing a bowl requires one to bring along cannabis products, which requires its own storage vessel, as well as a bowl and something to light it with. You can opt to bring along a pre-packed bowl, but should you want to consume more, you will still have to pack it again. A pre-packed bowl also brings along the added burden of trying to keep that bowl from getting spilled during transport.

With a joint, the consumer only needs to stow away the joint and possibly something to light it with. Joints can be rolled in a variety of manners so that they do not spill products when moved around. They can also be easily lit with items such as car cigarette lighters whereas bowls cannot and specifically require a lighter in almost all cases.


Moving on to efficiency, bowls get the win here. This is not to say that a well-rolled joint can't be efficient; They can. However, it's much easier to control hit size, hit intensity, how much cannabis is consumed with each hit, and even to extinguish the fire so that no more cannabis burns between hits when utilizing a bowl.


Lotus Bowl Piece by Empire Glassworks


The exception to this is the initial cost required to buy a bowl versus buy rolling papers. Quality rolling papers cost just a few dollars, but a quality bowl can cost into the hundreds of dollars. Very affordable bowls do exist, but they are often much more susceptible to heat stress and damage as well as much easier breakage, in general, due to thinner pipe walls. Replacing a pack of papers is also much less financially painful than replacing a broken or lost bowl.

Time Required

If you look to time requirements as an important factor in consumption, the bowl is certainly a quicker route to getting the job done. A bowl can typically be packed much quicker than a joint can be rolled. That same bowl can also be consumed much quicker, getting the job done quicker if speed is important. On the other side of that, if you enjoy a longer burn and indulgence times, a long-burning joint can be an unparalleled source of enjoyment.

Type of Hits Possible

When it comes to the type and quality of the hits you can get from joints and bowls, there really is no way to say for certain which is best. A very thick and heavy hit can be achieved by either. Likewise, a small, very conservative hit is also easily accomplished by each.



Beehive Bowl Piece by Empire Glassworks


If there is a slight difference, it's likely to be due to the presence of paper in joints versus there being none involved in the use of a bowl. Paper can be slightly more irritating to some when incorporated in the consumed smoke. Joints can also change over to a much more tar-filled hit near their end due to the buildup of material pulled through as they are smoked. Some enjoy this extra heavy product, while others avoid it altogether.


Cannabis is a somewhat tarry plant at its core, so no matter the smoking method, there will always be some tar product or "resin" as it's often called that is leftover. In bowls, this material finds its way into the bowl where eventually it will need to be cleaned out for the bowl to continue to function correctly. Joints simply collect all remaining tar near the end, and a highly resonated "roach" is usually the end result.



Bowl of Noodles Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks


Either method will require some cleanup. A roach can simply be tossed or burned down, but a bowl does require designated cleaning sessions from time to time. This is really just a matter of personal preference.

The Discretionary Factor

Being discreet can be of great importance to many cannabis consumers, so knowing which methods are the most discreet can also be key. Due to the fact joints are designed to burn through and it's very difficult if not impossible to regulate their continued burn except through total extinguishing, bowls are a bit better for discretionary purposes.


Cactus Bowl Piece by Empire Glassworks


Bowls can also attract a lot of attention. However, with some practice, and perhaps even some spoofing, that tell-tale smell release into the air can be much more controlled and limited. A "spoof" is an item used to blow your exhaled smoke through in order to capture most of the smoke and avoid clouding out your area.

Enjoyability, The Connoisseur Factor

The ability to enjoy, taste, and fully engage in the full experience of cannabis and the consumption process is something most smokers seek at some point or another. There is no concrete answer as to which smoking method provides better opportunity in this department. Some swear by a clean bowl, while others are diehard joint connoisseurs.

The Bottom Line

Comparing bowls and joints is much like comparing apples and oranges. Both can be very enjoyable and provide their intended function, but they really are substantially different smoking methods with their own, respective advantages. This is why many cannabis consumers utilize both joints and bowls with their choice as to which depending on the situation or even the mood at hand.

Rickle Pick Bowl Piece by Empire Glassworks


In general, bowls can provide more potential for burn efficiency and a bit more discretion minus potential paper tastes. Joints travel better with a much greater portability factor and can provide a longer smoking experience if that's your goal. Whether or not one is "better" than the other, we'll now leave that up to you.