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Roor 18 Inch Inline Pipe Review

Roor 18" Inline Pipe Review

One brand of bongs that you should immediately associate with class and status is the German company Roor. Since way back in 1995, Roor has been making top-of-the-line bongs, and they're known for pioneering the glass-on-glass bowl and stem combos that now dominate the market. They're also revered for their commitment to thick, large glass pieces, great percolation, and huge rips. 

Roor 18 Inch Inline Pipe Review

Because they are so well-known, there are a few updates that the company have included into their new line of 18 Inch Inline Pipes. Some of those updates include an authentication tag to distinguish from the fake Roor pieces that might be floating around - imitation is flattering, after all, but when it comes to quality you should accept no substitutes. 

Roor is one of the highest quality manufacturers in the glass space, and there’s a reason that people try to replicate their designs. So, without further ado, let’s dive in...

Roor 18 Inch Inline Pipe


One thing to say about this glass piece is that it’s absolutely huge. Even among larger collections, this bong stands out in a crowd like a skyscraper on a skyline. What that means is you've got 18 inches of pipe to fill up with smoke. It also offers a sweet inline dual percolation diffuser, an ice pinch to chill the smoke, and slits in the stem that face downward.

What's interesting about the design is the dual-hammerhead chamber, which offers plenty of room for water while still keeping it well away from your mouth on even the biggest rips. From the integrated downstem, smoke is drawn all the way to the edges of the chamber, where it's filtered through a host of slots at each outlet. The design ensures that smoke is broken up into smaller bubbles and that it has to travel the maximum distance through water before reaching the draw tube - both of these will greatly enhance the filtration effects provided by passing the smoke through water. There's also an ice pinch at the bottom of the tube, allowing you to drop in a cube or two to further cool and smooth out the smoke.


Inline percs are useful because they extend a downstem joint into the water chamber to extend the downstem joint into the water chamber directly. As we mentioned before, not only does this cause the smoke to travel a longer path, thus increasing filtration, it also makes sure the bubbling is happening far away from where the smoke is getting into your mouth.

These features work well to deliver the smoothest hits you'll find in a single-chambered bong today. Couple that with the large draw tube, and you'll be able to load up your lungs with the biggest clouds imaginable. Roor is a brand known for their hits, and this piece certainly delivers the goods.

There is one major caveat - if you're not a heavy lung hitter and don't anticipate becoming one, this bong is more than likely overkill. For smaller, gentler hits, look to something in the 12" or shorter range and save yourself a coughing fit.

Something else to keep in mind about the Roor is that it’s made from top-of-the-line borosilicate glass, which is among the most durable variants. Basically, you can count on your Roor to withstand regular use.


The 18 Inch Inline Pipe by Roor is great, but when it comes to respected quality you'll often find you get what you pay for. Roor is is like the Mercedes-Benz or Oakley sunglasses of bongs, it’s a signifier of status to have one, but that top-notch cred will cost you a pretty penny. That being said, this is well-worth every cent that you put towards it, and the Roor 18" Inline Pipe is an investment you're sure to treasure for years to come.