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Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer Overview

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At first glance, the Plenty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel immediately stands out as unique in design. You'll be happy to hear it's no slouch in the performance department, either. If you’re on the prowl for some heavy-hitting vapor production, this is an instant stand-out. Let’s take a closer look.

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer Overview

This puppy hits plenty of sweet spots. We've seen it likened to a more portable version of the Volcano, which isn't too far off despite dropping the familiar balloon element. With a fresh and slightly bizarre look and a huge amount of power, this product from Storz and Bickel seems sure to satisfy.


It’s hard to talk about the Plenty without diving into its' appearance. Our first take: it’s weird looking. Second take . . . still weird. Third glance: it actually looks pretty cool.

While billed as a portable vaporizer, we're going to call this more of a hybrid. It is, for example, a lot more compact than Storz & Bickel's timeless Volcano, but it's definitely not pocket-friendly and still requires access to an electrical outlet for power.

The Plenty device itself stands six inches tall, with the draw tube doubling the height. The straw is made from a sturdy metal material wrapped into a coil. The lengthy hose is intended to help cool vapor leaving the oven before it hits your mouth, and it's quite effective at its task.

The base device has airflow holes on both the bottom and side, an analog thermometer on the front, side power button and temperature control dial, and a large trigger button on the handle to activate the convection heating system. A convenient power light below the thermometer lets you know the Plenty is heating, shutting down once the device reaches temperature.

Because the device isn't exactly stable on its own, a hole at the bottom of the body is perfectly-sized to insert the included cleaning brush (or a marker or whatever else you've got handy) as a kind of kickstand.

The chamber is easy to access and located underneath the mouthpiece. Two different bowls are included, with the larger holding about a gram of ground flower. The extra-wide, shallow design allows you to pack quite a bit of herb while still allowing for even exposure and complete vaporization. Swap the primary bowl out for its smaller counterpart for solo sessions, as the Plenty works best when it's fully loaded.

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer


To activate the Plenty, first touch the side-mounted power button - a light will let you know you've turned it on. Select a temperature setting between 1 and 7 (roughly 266-396 degrees Fahrenheit), and pull the trigger. The heat indicator light should come on up front, expect about 3-4 minutes for the device to reach temperature from cold, at which point the heating light will shut off.

The first few draws of a session tend to be a bit softer than the overall experience, don't be afraid to give the trigger another pull and vape for a bit before cranking up the heat settings. Once the Plenty is alive and kicking, it'll certainly deliver plenty of kick.

As mentioned above, the metal airflow coil does its job in keeping the vapor nice and cool, while all of the air holes incorporated into the Plenty body give a smooth, unrestricted airflow that's almost as natural as taking a breath.

When it comes to flavor, the Plenty is second to none, delivering all the notes of your favorite strain in a clean, crisp vape. Vapor production is a bit muted, largely owing to the massive airflow that dilutes the cloud while still delivering a complete extraction.


Our biggest gripe with the Plenty is that it's billed as a portable vape when it really isn't. When we think portable these days, what comes to mind is a battery-powered device you can toss in your pocket or purse and use pretty much anywhere. A setup that needs its own carrying case and an electrical outlet for power isn't what we're looking for.

Carrying that point further, if the Plenty isn't truly going to fit into the portable category, there's no reason it couldn't be designed to stand up for itself on a table or countertop. The kickstand idea works fine, but a built-in solution wouldn't have been too hard - maybe a flip-out stabilizer that's actually built into the device.

Ramp-up time may be an issue for some users as well. Three or four minutes isn't a ton of time to wait for the perfect vape, but we've been spoiled by battery devices that are ready to go in a minute or less.


The Plenty is offers a sweet option for people who don’t want to deal with the Volcano’s bag design (or massive price tag). Overall, the people over at Storz & Bickel have put together something special that can match the power and design of any at-home vaporizer, but in a smaller, more affordable package. If you're looking for a primary at-home device that may also occasionally travel, the Plenty is definitely a worthy contender.