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Top 5 Medicali Bongs

Top 5 Medicali Bongs

High-quality glass pipes are a real pleasure. Not only do they enhance the smoking experience, but the best are also visually interesting and as such can serve as decorative pieces and conversation starters, lending them well to collecting.

One popular producer of this glass artistry that consistently puts out premium pieces made entirely in the United States is Medicali, which is stationed in Gardena, California. 

Known for making glass pipes with German borosilicate glass, Medicali utilizes technology that sets the industry standard makers by creating glass that catches the eye and offers an enjoyable experience. In particular, if you’re using one of their percolators or glass bowls, you're virtually guaranteed to enjoy the smooth, clean hit. Their products are also easily convertible for wax use.

While all of Medicali's offerings are unique, these are a few of our favorites. Most of the pieces we’ll discuss here have a colorful logo, either stylishly cursive or in block letters, and in as many colors as you could possibly want.   


Laidback Bubbler Bong - Medicali


What more could you ask for in a bubbler but something that’s, in a word, laid back? The Laidback Bubbler is a straightforward design featuring a curved draw pipe to fit more smoke in a compact design and a hammer base that allows it to rest flat without spilling. It offers all the advantages of a larger water pipe, but with a portable design that makes it more adaptable than a bong for on-the-go use, making for the perfect example of a glass pipe that marries portability with functionality. Once you take a hit, you'll be ready to lay back and soak in the clouds yourself.  


50mm 18 Inch Beaker Bong - Medicali

The Beaker bong has been a classic since Roor first introduced the glass-on-glass bowl design back in the 90s. Medicali's offering beefs up the glass to prevent chips and breaks while providing all of the styling elements present in the classic. The beaker style is lifted straight out of a laboratory, with an ice pinch to drop a couple of smoke-cooling cubes down toward the bottom of the chamber. With the oversized 50 mm top tube and whopping 18" height, this is going to be the most capacious piece in the Medicali line, producing by far the biggest rips - if you can handle them. The Medicali script logo adorning the tube is a nice touch, making sure it stands out in a crowd of glass. 


38mm 10 Inch Straight Bong - Medicali

Sometimes size isn't everything. If you prefer small sips of smoke to lung-busting mammoth inhales, Medicali still has you covered, this time with their 10" tube bong. With a chamber that's 12mm narrower than the big Beaker, the Straight has just enough room for a bit of filtering water and still has the ice pinch, which in this case could double as a splash guard against overzealous inhales. A 5'5" glass platform at the bottom keeps things from getting tippy. If you prefer to savor the flavor of your herb slowly rather than attack it with a gonzo furiousity, this is the piece for you. 


10"8 Tree Perc Beaker Bong - Medicali


For advanced features and maximum filtration (not to mention an added dose of cool), check out Medicali's 10" tree perc bong. The classic beaker style base offers plenty of room for water and smoke to mix (aided by the downstem's percolated tip)  in the first chamber before clouds flow up and into a second chamber where an eight-armed octopus of a percolator filters the smoke a second time, removing tar from your herb while preserving its natural elements. Again, you've got the ice pinch to keep things chill, and the extra 45mm width adds chamber capacity without height. We're also fans of the logo-emblazoned downstem and flame graphic on the beaker.

13 Inch Double Stack 8 Arm Tree Straight Bong - Medicali

Okay, technologically we've come a long way - a triple-chambered bong back in the day would've meant three separate pieces of plastic mounted to a base with rubber tubing leading from the chamber to chamber. Medicali manages to cram three chambers into a single beaker bong, taking the concept of the tree perc from above and stacking two directly on top of one another before finally entering the draw chamber. For maximum filtration and the smoothest smoking experience possible, it's hard to beat this impressive design.