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Breaking Down The Types Of Dab Rigs

Types of dab rigs

Modern-day marijuana smokers love to enjoy super-concentrated thc in the form of dabs. For an inexperienced user who is curious about dabbing, it may seem a bit intimidating. Unlike smoking dry herbs, wax dabs require a special setup for proper use. A simple pipe and lighter won't do for this sticky substance. To smoke dabs, you need a rig and a torch lighter. This is because dabs are vaporized rather than simply ignited. Vaporization requires a much higher temperature. There are so many diverse dab rigs to choose from, deciding on which one to buy can be difficult. Let's take a look at each style of dab rig to better understand the differences as well as the features and benefits they have to offer.


Types Of Dab Rigs

Breaking down the types of Dab Rigs

Standard dab rigs come equipped with a bowl piece called a nail, or banger. The nail is heated with a torch, reaching high temperatures. Typically, the wax, shatter, or rosin is collected onto a tool called a dabber. The dab concentrate is then inserted into the hot nail and the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece of the rig. During this part, a carb cap can be used to keep in the good stuff and make sure you get all the vapor.


Traditional Glass Rig


Glass oil rigs have a classic style, and they are commonly used by many who like to smoke wax, shatter, or rosin dabs. These rigs are usually made with thick borosilicate glass, making them durable. The size of these pieces can vary as well as the design, but they are typically clear glass that looks similar to a bong, although they can come in many colors.

Mini Dab Rig

Mini Rig

Mini rigs, as I'm sure you can guess, are smaller-scale dab rigs. The main benefit of having a less sizeable piece is that you can take it on-the-go. While still having full functionality, a miniature rig can be concealed easily. Mini rigs are also popular because they are very convenient.

Silicone bong

Silicone Rig

Rigs made of silicone are great for smokers who may be accident-prone. Due to the flexible material, it is nearly impossible to break one of these if dropped. They are virtually indestructible and are also very easy to clean. Silicone rigs are usually a good deal cheaper than alternatives as well.

Recycler Rig

Recycler Rig

Recycler rigs are designed with percolators that aid in filtering out toxins and carcinogens more thoroughly. They recycle the smoke through the two or more chambers. This provides the user with a smoother hit. Recycler rigs also have a unique appearance that adds to the appeal.


Honey Straw

Honey straws also called dab straws or nectar collectors, are different from other types of rigs. This type is usually a tube made of glass or other material. These straws can also come with a built-in water chamber, while some do not use water. Dab straws are easy to use and are portable as well. They are also good for passing around with a few friends.



E-rigs are heated electronically and do not need a torch. Usually, an e-device will be rechargeable, and it will include accessories. This type of dab rig is also easy to transport and can be used pretty much anywhere. E-rigs are certainly one of the most convenient dabbing methods and it is clear to see why.


Adapting accessories

Fortunately, dabbers have yet another option when it comes to smoking wax or shatter. Users who already own a bong for dry herbs can find a piece called a banger that attaches to the bowl area of the bong. This accessory adapts the water pipe to accommodate dabs. Essentially, it can turn your bong into a dab rig. This option is especially good for those who enjoy both smoking bud and doing dabs, as the banger can be interchanged repeatedly.


After understanding the many types of rigs, choosing the perfect fit for your needs won't seem so difficult. It is important to know which features you want before you can fully decide on the right rig. If portability is important, for example, a traditional large rig may not be for you. Consider your options and be sure to go with a piece that fits your quality standards and your must-have features. Once you find the rig that best suits you, you can buy optional accessories to make it more unique and more versatile. You can finally get started dabbing that magical substance with ease. Before you know it, you'll be dabbing like a pro.