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Vaporizers Vs Bongs: Which Is Better?

vaporizers vs bongs

Millions of people are currently using cannabis for one reason or another. These men and women either use the drug for recreational purposes or to treat one of the many medical conditions that cannabis can be helpful with. But many people do not want to take cannabis in the standard, popular way of smoking it like a cigarette. Cannabis fans have spent decades trying to perfect other approaches to using the drug. Vaporizers and bongs are two of the most popular for a large number of people. But each approach is right for a particular person.

Vaporizers Vs Bongs



What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a tool that consumers can use to take cannabis in a way that avoids many of the pitfalls of other smoking approaches. A vaporizer does not burn a solid substance. Instead, it heats a liquid substance so it reaches the vapor state. The substance is inhaled by the user end enters the bloodstream through the lungs. This approach removes the combustion of leaves and paper that helps cause lung cancer and other negative effects when people traditionally smoke cannabis. Most older vaporizers work by inflating a bag and then creating a high-pressure environment with vaporized cannabis. A person then inhales that substance to receive the effects of the drug.

The greatest benefit to the vaporizer is its cleanliness and healthy approach. A vaporizer does not create any odor and has not been tied to negative health effects. It is an efficient way of taking the substance that does not require a person to buy multiple tools and frequently clean out the device.

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What is a bong?

There are also several drawbacks to using a vaporizer. Vaporizers are significantly more expensive than practically any other way to take cannabis. They run on electrical power or a battery and so they may not run if the battery dies or the power goes out. Bongs are a much cheaper and more simplistic alternative to vaporizers. They do not run on electricity and do not have electrical parts. Instead, a bong is a simple set of pieces that have been used to smoke cannabis for centuries. The main parts of a bong are the bowl, the main stem, and the stem that contains burning cannabis. Users fill the bowl with water and then light the stem. They let it burn and inhale the smoke from the main tube.

The bong is one of the most simplistic ways that a person can take cannabis beyond simply smoking it. It has a few basic parts that can be easily interchanged. Even more expensive bongs are vastly cheaper than most vaporizers. But bongs have some drawbacks as well. These tools have to be cleaned regularly or they can cause various health problems. They can be a place for bacteria to gather and cause sickness.

A bong can also be more damaging to a person's health than a vaporizer. Bongs involve a certain amount of combustion. While most of the smoke is absorbed by the water, a considerable amount of it is still absorbed by a person's lungs. They also have to use more cannabis to get the same high that they would have gotten if they simply smoked the drug. Also, the bong creates an odor that lingers in a room for a considerable period.

How to choose

People who are trying to choose the best possible way of taking cannabis need to figure out their priorities. Are they worried about inhaling any sort of tar? Or are they more concerned about price and reliability? No method of intake is perfect for every individual and will meet their needs. A cannabis user has to look at the way that they want to inhale and which approach meets their health concerns and values. They also need to look at their budgets. A person who wants a vaporizer has to be able to afford it. These devices are not necessities and would not be covered by insurance programs or other programs that help people pay for their medical needs.


Vaporizers are one of the newest and trendiest ways to take cannabis. It is one of the healthiest approaches and provides a more standardized high than taking edibles. This approach is much newer and more expensive than others. Some people may be more comfortable with the centuries-old approach of the bong. Along with smoking and edibles, there is a good chance that both bongs and vaporizers will be with us for decades to come.