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Crash Course: Everything You Need To Know About About Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizer

have helped innovate many facets of consumption, and nowadays they are considered to provide the safest and easiest way to consume concentrate material or loose leaf. Every type of vaporizer comes with its own pros and cons, which means that when you have to choose one it all comes down to preference, and simply taking into consideration how often you will want to use it and if you want to use flowers or concentrates. Chances are you can find a cheap dry herb vaporizer that suits your needs.


Crash Course on: Dry Herb Vaporizers

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s ideal to do some proper research and make sure the device you get is good, because if you get one that is not up to par it could end up ruining your experience or you might get the wrong idea about what makes a good vape pen. In addition, if you’re serious about using the vaporizer, getting a good one from the beginning will save you some money in the long run, as you won’t feel the need to replace it with something more advanced down the line.


Vertex Battery & Charger Kit


Typically, handheld vaporizers are powered by lithium ion batteries, due to the fact that they are rechargeable and also powerful enough to elevate the temperature in the unit – to as much as 400F.

Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Tank


Vaporizers are able to generate heat through the atomizer, as they pull the power from the battery at the rate the sensor allows it, and then uses it to produce heat. Depending on the vaporizer, they can transfer the heat directly to the tank, or pass it through a controlled chamber in order to indirectly heat the starting material.

TH-320 Mini 510 Vaporizer Battery - Leaf Buddi


The primary function of the sensor is to communicate with the atomizer, and depending on how sophisticated the vaporizer is, it can feature a more advanced sensor that provides complex functions – such as Bluetooth compatibility or temperature variability.

W1 Replacement Tanks


Also referred to as a cartridge or an oven, the tank is the mechanism which has the starting material. Depending on the tank, they can hold concentrates and/or flower.


Twisted HTR Deluxe Vape Pipe


Airflow gets directed through the tank and then out through the mouthpiece where it gets inhaled. The size of the mouthpiece depends on the vaporizer, but often times they are detachable, which allows them to get cleaned easily.

Types of tanks


An advantageous choice due to it being cheap, but if heated too much the plastic will lose its shape, and could produce unpleasant gasses that are possibly even dangerous. Plastic tanks shouldn’t be heated past their specifications.


Generally endures temperature changes, and is very easy to clean. However, glass is easier to break than the rest of the materials, which means you will have to be careful with it.


Conducts heat evenly and it’s a tough material.

Stainless Steel

The most resilient of the materials. It’s fairly easy to clean, and is able to distribute heat pretty well.


Low reactivity, and the material is able to distribute heat evenly. Not as fragile as glass tanks, but still fairly easy to break. One thing worth noting is that the chamber needs to be cleaned properly, as material from the previous herbs could still remain in the interior.

Using the vaporizer

Using a dry herb vape pen is nothing complicated. You will have to turn it on using the power button and it should light up (according to the specification of each model). You will have to use a grinder in order to grind the material fine, open the mouthpiece to dump the herbs in, and make sure that it is packed down. After you close the mouthpiece you will have to set the temperature – if your dry herb vaporizer has that feature – and wait for the herb to heat up. The dry herb vaporizer should have a light that tells you the herb is ready, after which you can take a slow draw – if you draw hard, the chamber will get cooler and cooler.

The process might vary slightly depending on the model of vaporizer you have, but you will most likely have a manual that will guide you through it, which means you will end up using it with ease once you familiarize yourself with the device.