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What Is A Vape Water Pipe?


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If you're over a certain age (say 30), you probably remember the days when saying the word "bong" would get you kicked out of a head shop. The preferred nomenclature, we olds remember, despite everyone in the room obviously knowing we were talking about bongs, was "water pipe."

Water pipes are so much more than just bongs, though. They can include bubblers, percolator bowls, and any number of implements for consuming dry leaf and extracts in new ways including using concentrates and vaporizers. The one constant: there's going to be some water involved.

For our purposes today, we're going to talk specifically about attachments to your favorite vaporizer that can add an extra layer of filtration and concentration to ensure you're only inhaling the purest elements of your preferred dry leaf or concentrate.


Noble Glass Small UV Flower Water Pipe

So, we're talking about glass attachments for your vaporizer that look and act like a bong. For longtime bong aficionados, this converts your vaping experience into one that seems a bit more familiar.

Water pipes are enticing in many of the same ways that make using a vaporizer preferable to smoking: extra filtration removes more of the unwanted byproducts of combustion while transmitting a purer, smoother draw that delivers more of the active compounds in your dry leaf or concentrates without any of the byproducts.

While vaporizing already eliminates most of the toxic compounds found in smoke, there are still advantages to drawing your vapor through a water pipe. Water further purifies your hit and concentrates. It can also cool the vapor, allowing for bigger draws with less lung irritation.

For any of you that use bongs regularly, you know the drill. Pack a bowl, fill the bong with smoke, pull the bowl and take a pull. For vaporizers, the process is slightly different, only because they don’t require you to set fire to your leaf. Instead, vaporizers turn on, heat up, and turn the flower into vapor.

Something to keep in mind with water pipe vaporizer attachments that they're not compatible with every vaporizer. Expect to purchase your water pipe and vaporizer in two separate pieces, and look for a vape that has a converter tube or other such device that will allow it to connect with the bowl of a traditional water pipe. Stationary vapes are more likely to support this feature than portable handheld devices.

Launch Box - Magic Flight

Just because a device is marketed as portable, however, doesn't mean it won't work. For example, there’s the compact and easily transportable Launch Box by Magic Flight, which is compatible with the brand’s water filtration whip (the tube) which can hook into water pipes. Another device that is made for water pipes is Higher Standard’s AirVape Xs, which can attach to the brand’s Beaker Bong Kit. These two brands offer high-quality water pipe compatibility.

One of the most enjoyable ways of getting your dry flower fix, vaporizer-compatible water pipes are a treat for any serious flower user. They’re an especially good way for fans of bongs to transition into using vaporizers full time. If you haven’t tried them out yet, consider this your invitation to dive in.  

Some of our favorite manufacturers of water pipes are Chameleon Glass, Grav Labs, and Medicali.