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Everything You Need to Know About Ice Catchers

What is an Ice catcher

If you’ve smoked using a bong before, you are conversant with why smokers love them. The percolators and water chamber have an excellent cooling effect, ensuring you have a cool and tasty hit. The ice catchers are also healthier as compared to standard glass pipes.

Everything About Ice Catchers

The bongs that have ice catchers have become popular over the years. In this context, we’ll expound more on ice catchers and how they elevate a person’s smoking experience.

What’s an Ice Catcher?

Most smokers prefer using bongs since the smoke cools down because of the filtration features, including the water chamber and the percolators. Some creative smokers saw it fit to add some ice to cool the smoke even more. The only issue is that the ice cubes melt fast. Fortunately, some innovative individuals have incorporated ice catchers, and smokers can now enjoy colder hits.

38mm 10" Full Color Beaker by AMG

The ice catchers hold the ice above the water chamber. They are situated above the percolators, and they act as the last filtration chamber before the smoke flows through the mouthpiece. Bongs with ice catchers are commonly referred to as ice bongs, and they are suitable for smokers who want that extra-cool smoke.

Why Should You Put Ice in a Bong?

Well, you don’t have to put ice in a bong necessarily; however, it helps. When you insert ice in a bong, the filtration process takes longer; however, the smoke’s temperature will go down when the smoke hits the ice. You need a few ice cubes, and you’’ notice the significant impact on the smoke.

Always keep an eye on the water level in the water chamber since the ice melts gradually. If the water chamber is full, you should empty it progressively.

The Benefits of Ice Catchers

If you are a smoker and want to ensure your smoking experience has gone to the next level, you should consider ice catchers' benefits.

1) Inhaling More Smoke

People who advocate for bongs usually like taking huge rips since the smoke is filtered. Since the ice cools the smoke further, it is possible to inhale larger amounts easily.

10"8 Tree Perc Beaker by Medicali

2) Filters Smoke

For starters, the ice catcher bong has been designed such that it facilitates the smoke filtration process. While the ice catcher cannot handle the entire process independently, it ensures you can enjoy filtered and cleaner smoke from the bong.

3) The Visual Feature is Awesome

The ice catcher bongs are made of clear glass that allows a smoker to monitor the smoke as it is being filtered. Ice catchers also have a scientific look.

4) The Ice Catchers Also Act as Splash Guards

Ice catchers ensure that you won’t get to taste the bong water as you smoke since there is an issue with splashbacks when using an ordinary bong. The ice catchers usually act as splash guards to ensure such an issue won’t happen since they are positioned above the water chamber. You can now enjoy your smoking session without having to worry about some of these issues.

How Does the Ice Catcher Work?

Ice catchers have a simple design despite the creative theory that has been incorporated. In most instances, the ice catcher comprises three pieces of glass that usually protrude from within the bong. The ice catcher ensures the ice has been elevated by ensuring it is suspended. If you don’t want the ice to melt, get rid of the ice cubes after the smoking session.

13 Inch Double Stack 8 Arm Tree Straight by Medicali

New bong technology has also brought some changes such that a new concept has been incorporated. Instead of having pinched glass, the bongs now have an ice-catcher that is trapezoid-shaped, and it acts as a shelf. It also carries different benefits as compared to the standard ice catchers.

Are Ice Catchers Present in All Bongs?

Although the ice catchers have gained popularity over the years, they are not present in all bongs. If you’re the type of smoker who improvises, you can develop a makeshift ice catcher on an existing bong. There is a high chance that the ice catcher will break, or the bong could even shatter.

If your last bong broke it, you want to upgrade; you should check out the bongs with ice catchers. Many bongs go for under $100, and they have ice catchers.

45mm 14 Inch Beaker by Medicali

Breazy Green Supplies Bongs that Have Ice Catchers

Ice catchers come in different sizes and shapes. Some examples are included below.

Finding a Bong that has an Ice Catcher

If you’re smoking from a bong, you’ll have the best experience. Now, imagine having a bong that has an ice catcher. There are plenty of options online, and they include:

Typhoon Beaker Water Pipe - Chameleon Glass

- Typhoon Beaker Water Pipe - Chameleon Glass

The design is effective, and the bong performs well since it has a water pipe. Although the glass is irreplaceable, the bong is durable, and you will get quality smoke. The water pipe is 19mm, and it has a 14mm bowl with a diffused downstem.


- UV Water Pipe - Noble Glass

This is a bong that will ensure you have interesting vaping sessions. Your preferences don’t really matter in this case since there is a water pipe in place. The Noble Glass brand has come up with an appealing product that is also effective. The firm has also focused on quality.