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American Made Glass (AMG)

American Made Glass (AMG)

AMG stands for American Made Glass. Perfect for the Patriotic partaker, their name is true to form. This American company has been blowing glass and blowing minds for nearly a decade. Located in Reseda, California just a short distance from LA. This west coast wonder has a deliciously and eccentric flavor that is sure to shock and delight. Respected and well known in the industry, AMG is an established company who’s making waves in the vaping communit While using premium thick borosilicate glass, their products are as quality as they are attractive. Beauty truly does go skin deep with their products, as they are all substance and their outward appearance is unequivocally matched with functionality.  

Whether you are in the market for water pipes, bubblers, hand pipes, steam rollers, bowls or nug jars; AMG has covered all your bases.  From exquisitely simple or intricate heady pieces that make you wonder how such a thing was constructed, even the smallest of accessories encompass a myriad of choices.  For example, the nug jars, or “glass stash” which is a place for storing dried herb, come in a simple beautifully etched jellyfish or a three-dimensional octopus that literally jumps off the glass and engulfs the corked petite jar.   

Even just adding a tiny AMG bowl to the plainest of water pipes makes it completely come alive.  Choose from a variety of bowls, like a striking monster eye giving a life like glare or a far-out psychedelic designs.  

You are sure to find a piece to match your personality, personal preferences or a pleasing pattern There is no shortage of combinations;  styles, sizes, shapes, or shades. Even those that do not utilize their products, have to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of their one-of-a-kind pieces.  

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