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Blazer is lighting the way in the industry.  Located in Farmingdale, New York, Blazer Products Inc. manufactures and distributes the Original Blazer Brand of handheld butane refillable Torches and Lighters around the world.  They are the leading company exclusively producing professional-grade butane tools. They continue to grow their line and are at the forefront of the industry. They are creating brand new exciting products and are updating their products as new technolog They are user-friendly and focused, Blazer has a strong emphasis on customer care and support. Their brand is known for its functionality, performance, and convenience.  They all include the safety features that allow their pieces to have a safety lock.  Blazer torches are revolutionizing the dabbing game. Offering advanced flame control, extended tank capacity, temperature ranges, portability, and the latest safety features to provide a complete dabbing experience. Blazer touches are powerful devices, with flame degrees up to 2500F and up to 60 minutes of a continuous flame. Due to the size, their torches are small enough to be portable but are strong enough to be considered professional and industrial-level equipment.  Designed for precision, quality, portability, and safety, Blazer dab torches allow concentrates to extract more flavor and aromas from their oils. Combining power with ease-of-use. They give the high temperatures needed to create huge, milky clouds. Blazer is a premier company, which creates quality products and is leading the industry in the market. However, these torches can be used for a plethora of things.  Whether they are used for crafts, culinary arts, repairs, building a fire or simply lighting a cigar; they are proof that the accessories are king and can make all the difference.

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