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A bong can be the centerpiece of your living room or simply reflect your personality. Here at BreazyGreen, we carry many options of bongs ranging from water pipes to custom limited edition bongs. Regardless of your budget, we have an option that is perfect for your needs. We offer bongs from manufacturers like Roor, e-glassworks" title="Empire Glassworks Bongs">Empire Glassworks, Grav Labs, MyBud Vase, Noble Glass, and Higher Standards just to name a few.


The days bongs come in all types of materials from cool retro looking bamboo bongs, metal bongs with color paterns, ceramic bongs for weight and on product aesthetics, beaker bongs with wonderful eye catching attachments and round base bongs for those who love a litltle heft to their glassware. The wonders of bongs and glass pipes don't end there, making the personalized via bong accessories is the ticket. These accessories we also carry can take a plane jane bong and transform it into your own personal green machine. Whther it be a downstem or a mouthpiece we will happily assist you in getting the right fit for your style at a price you will love.

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Bongs and Water Pipes FAQ
What Brands Do You Carry?
Our comprehensive selection of bongs and water pipes includes top-shelf glass brands, such as Roor, Noble Glass, Grav Labs, and Higher Standards. We also stock an extensive range of alternative high-tier brands that provide innovative, sturdy, and powerful glassware. Most of our customers find a brand they love, and they stick with it. But there's no need to limit yourself to just one supplier! Each manufacturer, and each unique bong, can provide a long list of useful customizations, including ingenious percolators, ice catches, and sleek aesthetic designs. Pick a piece or two that catches your eye, load up a few bowls, and discover some of the smoothest hits available on the market, with Breazy Green's extensive collection.
What's the Difference Between a Bong and a Water Pipe?
Bongs and water pipes both include chambers designed to be filled with water. Ultimately, the concepts behind these two smoking devices are quite similar: ignite your flower, inhale and draw the smoke through the cooling water, and relish a nice smooth inhale. Primarily, the difference between these two styles comes down to aesthetics and size. Bongs are typically larger devices, and water pipes, as their name indicates, are generally the size of a handheld pipe. Most bongs feature a vertical tube structure, a semi-round base, and an angled bowl, making it easy to avoid getting the flame too close to your face. Many bongs also feature a downstem slot, allowing you to switch between individual bowls and other accessories with ease.
Are Bongs and Water Pipes Easier On the Lungs?
Almost all users find that the use of a bong/water pipe with fresh water provides a smoother, less intense hit. When drawing in a large volume of smoke from combusted material, it can help for it to pass through a bit of cooling liquid before hitting the lungs. Water pipes do provide a bit of relief, but the size of most bongs allows for the implementation of additional features that help to cool off the smoke. Bongs can include ice catchers, percolators, diffusers, and more that help to disperse and take the edge off of your hits. These accessories usually do not increase your glassware's overall maintenance, but it will definitely keep you from wasting time hacking and coughing.
Are Water Pipes/Bongs Superior to Dry Pipes?
The answer to this is entirely subjective. Dry pipes are easier to carry, since you don't have to dump out and refill any water, and water pipes are pretty easy for transport, due to their size. Bongs, on the other hand, often require careful packing or the use of a specific case for transit. In terms of the hit quality, a little bit of water goes a long way. However, your mileage may vary. Sometimes a simple pull from a dry pipe really hits the spot. At other times, you want to kick back, load up the bong with ice, and straight chill. Experiment with a few devices, and you'll discover pretty quickly which piece is calling your name.
Which Bongs Are the Most Durable?
Bongs have a reputation for delicacy. You should never throw a bong, ever. That being said, even if you are careful, shenanigans happen. The most durable bongs available are likely acrylics. This plastic material should never show signs of breakage unless you set out to cause some damage on purpose. Still, a nice glass bong is a magnificent showpiece that provides smoother and more substantial hits. We recommend selecting a thick glass bong with a solid round base, which allows it to rest comfortably. This way, you'll never have to worry about it tipping over.
Can These Bongs and Water Pipes Handle Both Flower and Concentrate?
Most water pipes will not be able to burn concentrates efficiently. Bongs, however, may be able to get the job done with the proper equipment. When ordering the bongs in this category, keep in mind that they aren't likely to deliver the attachments required for dabbing. But, when you order a bong with a downstem slot, you can easily find a "banger" that can fit into this space. Bangers are bowls that can withstand the high heat needed for vaporizing concentrates. By switching out the standard bowl with one of these dabbing deices, you can quickly turn your trusty bong into an efficient dab rig.