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A bong can be the centerpiece of your living room or simply reflect your personality. Here at BreazyGreen, we carry many options of bongs ranging from water pipes to custom limited edition bongs. Regardless of your budget, we have an option that is perfect for your needs. We offer bongs from manufacturers like Roor, e-glassworks" title="Empire Glassworks Bongs">Empire Glassworks, Grav Labs, MyBud Vase, Noble Glass, and Higher Standards just to name a few.


The days bongs come in all types of materials from cool retro looking bamboo bongs, metal bongs with color paterns, ceramic bongs for weight and on product aesthetics, beaker bongs with wonderful eye catching attachments and round base bongs for those who love a litltle heft to their glassware. The wonders of bongs and glass pipes don't end there, making the personalized via bong accessories is the ticket. These accessories we also carry can take a plane jane bong and transform it into your own personal green machine. Whther it be a downstem or a mouthpiece we will happily assist you in getting the right fit for your style at a price you will love.

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