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Bubblers are a unique category of water pipe that lend themselves to versatility and ease of use. Like a bong, bubblers have a water chamber that helps cool and filter smoke before it enters the lungs. But, reminiscent of a spoon or other dry pipe, bubblers generally have a carb hole rather than a removable bowl to let air in after you’ve loaded the chamber with smoke.


The one-piece design of b


Bubblers come in a variety of shapes and forms, from simple and utilitarian to multi-chambered blown glass works of art. Take a look at Breazy Green’s vast bubbler selection and enhance your smoking experience today.


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Glass Bubblers FAQ
What is a bubbler?
Bubblers are a type of water pipe. They're larger than regular pipes, but smaller than bongs. If you want the benefits of water filtration for your smoke but don't have the storage space or simply don't like the huge lung hits from a bong, a bubbler is an excellent compromise. They're also the most portable form of water pipe.
What's the difference between a bubbler and a bong?
With a bubbler, you get a one-piece design. The bowl is integrated into the pipe, like with a spoon, rather than being a standalone piece as with a bong. Instead of removing the bowl when you're ready to clear smoke from the chamber, bubblers have a carb hole you'll plug with your finger and release when you're ready to take a hit.
Why would I want a bubbler?
Using a water pipe like a bubbler allows smoke to be filtered and cooled before it's inhaled. This leads to smoother, tastier, more satisfying hits. The drawback is that you'll need to be able to fill the pipe with water and regularly change out the water when it gets dirty, so most bubbler users will also have a dry pipe of some kind for on-the-go use.
How do I use a bubbler?
First, fill your bubbler with water. You're going to want to make sure the water level is right before lighting up - take a strong pull with your finger over the carb and an empty bowl, if you're getting good bubbling out of the water but none is splashing up into your mouth, great. If not, try adding or dumping water until you strike the right balance. Once you've found the correct water level, pack a bowl and spark it up, you're good to go!
How often do I clean my bubbler?
Bubblers do need to be cleaned a bit more often than bongs, because they use less water you'll want to refill them every few bowls to keep things fresh. When it's time for a more thorough cleaning, a few spoonfuls of table salt and some rubbing alcohol will knock down sticky resin with a quick, vigorous shake.
How long will a bubbler last?
With proper care, your glass bubbler will last as long as you want it to - provided you don't drop it onto a hard surface that could cause it to break. Make sure to handle your piece with care and make an effort to regularly clean it, and your new piece will help you spark joy for years to come.