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Dab Rigs

Rig your life with these dab rigs meant for every occasion from home use to on the go. Here you'll find it all from recyclers, themed and even mini-rigs. With a focus on quality and durability, Breazy Green provides you with the ideal dab rig for your needs. Paired up with a new torch and dab tool you'll be all set to go with your full kit of dabbing goodness. For additional things, your dab rig might you should check out our for dab spoons, dab scoopers, and cleaning supplies. Whether you have a need for something to enjoy your concentrates or your oils these rigs will serve you among the best experiences to be found anywhere. Just make sure you have a dab torch handy to get things going.

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Dab Rigs FAQ
What is a dab rig?
Dab rigs are pipes designed for smoking concentrates instead of flower. The bowl (called a nail) is smaller, and is superheated with a torch to vaporize the wax or oil concentrate applied to it.
What are the parts of a dab rig?
Most of the parts of a dab rig are similar to other water pipes, but the method of smoking is different. Instead of a bowl you'll use a nail that's heated with a torch or electricity to vaporize your concentrate, which is applied in small amounts with a dab spoon designed to withstand the heat of the nail.
What are the benefits of a dab rig?
Dab rigs make smoking concentrates much easier than trying to use a traditional pipe and lighter, as they can reach the proper temperature to ensure complete use of the concentrate without waste. Because you're not inhaling lighter fluid along with your hit, dab users also say they enjoy the taste of their products more and get overall cleaner hits.
Are dab rigs dangerous?
There's some risk inherent in any kind of smoking, but dab rigs present a particular need to exercise caution. Dab nails can reach temperatures of 1000 degrees or more, so it's important to keep them away from anything flammable while in use and exercise caution to avoid getting burned. There's also an argument to be made that because the concentrate is consumed in much lower doses and without any harsh chemicals from a lighter being consumed along with the vapor produced that dabbing is actually a better option than smoking flower.
How long do dab rigs last?
If taken care of and kept clean, a good dab rig can last for years. Some components, like electric nails, may eventually require replacement, but the greatest risk to most dab rigs is that they're made of glass and prone to breaking if dropped or mishandled.
Do I need to clean my dab rig?
While vaporizing concentrates like wax or shatter will produce less resiny buildup on the inside of your pipe than smoking, you'll still want to keep your dab rig clean to get the best experience. Change your water regularly, and if you do notice your pipe getting dirtier than a quick rinse will solve try using a cleaner specifically designed for bongs or even some table salt and rubbing alcohol to shake loose any buildup.