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Electric nails, or “e-nails,” are a specialized piece of equipment used for “dabbing,” or smoking concentrates like wax and shatter. Instead of applying fire directly to a concentrate, the proper smoking technique is to heat up a metal or glass rod (the “nail”) and apply that t

Heating nails, however, can be tricky business. A standard dab nail usually requires using a butane torch to apply heat, which is both potentially dangerous and disappointingly inexact - it’s hard to know when a nail is the right temperature to vaporize your concentrate, and it begins cooling as soon as you take it away from the heat source.

Enter the e-nail, a device designed to take the guesswork (and high-powered torches) out of your dabbing experience. An e-nail uses electricity instead of fire to bring the tip of your nail to exactly the right temperature for your dab, and it holds it there to ensure you’re getting a proper toke time and time again. Check out our selection of e-nails today, we’ve got just what you need to start dabbing with confidence.

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