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Electric nails, or “e-nails,” are a specialized piece of equipment used for “dabbing,” or smoking concentrates like wax and shatter. Instead of applying fire directly to a concentrate, the proper smoking technique is to heat up a metal or glass rod (the “nail”) and apply that to a p


Heating nails, however, can be tricky business. A standard dab nail usually requires using a butane torch to apply heat, which is both potentially dangerous and disappointingly inexact - it’s hard to know when a nail is the right temperature to vaporize your concentrate, and it begins cooling as soon as you take it away from the heat source.


Enter the e-nail, a device designed to take the guesswork (and high-powered torches) out of your dabbing experience. An e-nail uses electricity instead of fire to bring the tip of your nail to exactly the right temperature for your dab, and it holds it there to ensure you’re getting a proper toke time and time again. Check out our selection of e-nails today, we’ve got just what you need to start dabbing with confidence.

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E-Nails FAQ
What is an e-nail?
An electronic nail, or "e-nail," is a piece of specialized equipment used for dabbing, or smoking concentrates like wax or shatter. The "nail" is heated to a point that it can melt these concentrates without directly applying flame to them, as one would with a lighter or torch.
How are e-nails different from regular nails?
In the traditional method of dabbing, one would use a butane torch to heat the dab nail. This is both dangerous (because of the torch) and imprecise, because it's hard for an inexperienced user to know exactly what temperature their nail is being heated to. E-nails take the guesswork and danger of open flame out of dabbing by allowing the user to select a precise temperature at which they want to heat their concentrate. From there, just wait for the nail to reach temperature and dab away.
Who would want an e-nail?
Anyone who's into dabbing would benefit from adding a quality e-nail to their arsenal. Not only does it eliminate the need to have a torch on hand, it takes the guesswork out of determining whether a nail is too cool to melt wax or too hot, producing a harsh burn during a dab.
How do e-nails work?
Tech behind the e-nail is actually pretty simple - a control module allows the user to turn on the nail and select the perfect temperature for their concentrate of choice. From there, the controller applies electricity to a resistance coil inside the nail, which generates heat. Once the nail reaches its ideal temperature it'll alert the user via a light or tone. After that, just dab to your heart's content and power down when you're done.
Are there any drawbacks to e-nails?
E-nails require a power source, usually from an electrical outlet. For this reason, they're not readily portable and a concentrate-friendly vaporizer might be better for on-the-go use. And since they can reach temperatures of 1000 degrees or more, they shouldn't be used in a situation where they can be knocked over or left unattended while powered on.
What other benefits do e-nails offer?
Proper flavor and vaporization are the biggest draws of an e-nail. With a traditional dab nail, improper heating can liquefy concentrates without vaporizing them or burn them, creating a harsh taste and smoke. By dialing in the proper vaping temperature, an e-nail makes sure you get the most out of every dabbing session.