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Glass Bong Bowls & Bong Slides

Glass Bong Bowls & Bong Slides

Discerning smokers know there’s no substitute for a good bong bowl piece. Not that you’ll find many of them around any more, but while stone bowls tend to overheat and metal imbues your buds with an unwanted flavor, clean glass hits the sweet spot when it comes to selecting a chalice for the herbs about to be sacrificed to your flame.


Even glass bowls have undergone an evolution of their own in recent years - gone are the smooth downstems wi


Breazy Green boasts one of the best collections of glass bowls you’ll find, from basic to decorative to ones with advanced features like ash catchers or percolators. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got something to meet your needs.

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Glass Bowls FAQ
What is a glass bowl?
The bowl is the part of a pipe that's filled with flower or concentrate before it's smoked or vaporized. Many pipes will have a bowl integrated into the overall design, but most bongs have separate bowls that are removed from the pipe to complete the process of taking a rip, as the downstem from which the bowl is removed also serves as a carb hole when there's no bowl covering it.
Are there different kinds of glass bowls?
There are a lot of different kinds of bowls. The simplest will be a glass flute with a downstem and either a small handle or several thick glass warts to grab the hot bowl and pull it out without burning your fingers. More elaborate ones may incorporate an ash catcher or seperate percolation chamber, providing a pre-filtering element before your smoke even hits the bong's main chamber. Bowls are also a way to work your own personal style into your piece, and many stand as works of art on their own.
Are there other kinds of bowls?
Some older acrylic or plastic bongs may still use fixed metal bowls, but these not only get very hot, some feel they impart an unwelcome metallic taste into smoke. Virtually all modern glass bongs will be used with a glass bowl, with either a rubber o-ring or knurled "glass on glass" connections keeping them airtight.
Do I need to clean my glass bowl?
Over time resin will build up on a bowl, just as with any glass smoking utensil. There are a handful of specialized cleaners for your glassware, but rubbing alcohol and a few spoonfuls of table salt, shaken vigorously (in a plastic container or zipper bag) will also work wonders for all but the dirtiest of glass bowls.
What kind of glass bowl should I get?
That's completely up to you! We don't recommend oversized bowls if you've got a small bong (say less than 10" in height), but aside from that the sky's the limit. Many people like to have a collection of bowls that they'll rotate through either for smoking different varietes of flower or simply to have one to fit their mood.
How long do glass bowls last?
As with any other quality piece of glass, the answer to this is really up to you. Properly cared for and cleaned, a glass bowl will last for years. Left to get hopelessly dirty, bowls can clog in a matter of weeks or months, but even then a good cleaning can revive them. Dropped from significant height onto a hard surface, glass bowls can be destroyed in seconds.