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Hornet paper employs natural materials. They use natural grain fibers and acacia Senegal for adhesive. Organic, vegetarian and non-GMO, these natural and raw cigarette rolling papers are perfect for those looking for a more natural option. They are easy to use and are created with a natural glue that helps secure each cigarette after it is rolled. This will allow you to create the perfect joint every time. Hornet papers are designed to burn evenly and The traditional ritual helps you to explore and express your own artistry by physically rolling yourself. Hand rolling offers charm and a sense of accomplishment.  It allows you to place the desired amount of filling and grants you the freedom to make every handmade creation your own little masterpiece.  The papers can also be used with a rolling machine

Hornet offers a  complete product line including paper, cones, tips, grinders, roller presses, brackets, trays and more. Enjoy the traditional option or partake in a number of juicy fruit flavors which offer an enhanced experience and taste. Draw from cocktail inspired paper; Jamerican Rum, Mojito, Champagne and more. All the hints and notes of delicate flavors that will stir up all your senses.  The Hornet brand is full of surprises and fun. Pre-rolled cones for you ease and enjoyment that takes all the work and fuss out of hand rolling. Practically giving you everything you need from start to finish.  

100% natural, Non-GMO, chlorine-free papers, Hornet uses pure natural grain fiber that is unbleached and raw.  Organic and natural materials, flammability, stability, quality, and smoothness are all reasons Hornet stands behind their commitment to providing you with the best products on the market.  Enjoy the confidence of standing behind a product that represents standard and class in the industry. Step up your smoking game with one of a kind brand and experience.

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