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Leaf Buddi

Leaf Buddi

In 2017, Leaf Buddi was born under Welch (SZ) Company. Welch was involved in the vaping industry for more than three years. Leaf Buddi is located in Shen Zhen, China. Though they are still a young partner under Welch, they are making waves in the industry. Leaf Buddi focuses on the production of CBD, Wax, Dry Herb device, cartridge,  and accessories etc. CBD, short for Cannabidio, vaping is still quite a new indus

They set and meet the highest of standards. Whether it’s from the creation of products, customer focus or the manufacturing process. They are grounded in the mantra, "Think Worldwide, Work Smart, Exceed Ordinary". They do not merely believe it, they infuse it into every aspect of their business. They stand on the fundamentals and principles of innovation and quality. They stay ahead of the market and lead trends in the industry. Leaf Buddi thrives on creating creative products and always staying intune and consumer focused.  

Some of their products, including the limited edition mods, have sick mind-bending patterns and designs. These designs utilize water transfer printing which creates vivid colors!  Raised and textured to the touch. Elaborate and beautiful, they are sturdy and not easily scratch. Whether in your purse or pocket, Leaf buddi products are built to last. They also have other products with extremely unique shapes, these one of a kind pieces are sure to cause others to double take. The company is always pushing the boundaries to enhance products and the customer experience. If you are looking for innovation, creativity and quality, look no further. Leaf Buddi brand a fantastic company and leader in the market.

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