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After experiencing the daunting and nearly all day endeavor of watching friends struggle to infuse in a tiny dorm, founder & CEO Chrissy Bellman had a stroke of genius. The simple idea that there had to be a better and easier way, sparked the idea for the engineering and development of LEVO. The LEVO Brand is not a business moreover labor of love that took five years to formulate. After assembling a team and a plan, in 2016 the company was born from a small Today, LEVO’s has a home base in Denver, Colorado. At LEVO, they are passionate about wellness and holistic paths to health. Completely 100% natural with no additives or extras.  LEVO gives you the quality and assurance that you can not have with purchasing “natural” and usually processed items. They give consumers the power to take control of their own lives, in the kitchen and beyond. Their product’s pieces are dishwasher safe and there is no more messy straining or clean up. Unlike the grubby and lengthy process of the past, LEVO patented technology takes all the heavy lifting out of the infusing process.  Exclusively for infusing botanicals into oil and butter, their products are self-timed with temperature settings that are pre-calculated for the perfect result every time. Literally make butter or oil on the counter while you are working, working out or even sleeping. Truly enjoy the medicinal benefits of infusion like never before. There are endless recipes to create and they have some yummy recipes to choose from right on their website. Program your infusions wirelessly with the app or read all the amazing tips and innovative ideas on their blog. Join LEVO in the “infusion revolution”!

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