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Million Bananas

Million Bananas


Million Bananas in association with Organitips Distribution LLC is bringing premium products to "connoisseurs by connoisseurs". They are a company focused on change and they are changing things one wrap at a time.  Grounded in the strong belief of protecting the environment and need for a more natural approach in all areas of life. They maintain the highest of standards and ensure the highest of quality to health-conscious consum Million Bananas is one of the pioneers in “The Organic Movement”. In a time where consumers are more informed and striving to take the wheel when it comes to their own personal health and well-being, they are providing products that people can stand behind. Using their products is a small and simple solution to taking a stand for a more natural forward mentality and a product that is advantageous to your healthy lifestyle. Their wraps are a conscience partakes dream. They are 100% organic and naturally flavored. The flavor does not hinder the robust flavor of your dry herb nor overshadow it. Elevate your sessions with a product nothing short of amazing.

The Banana Leaf Blunt Wraps are is first of its kind.  They are hand processed for 48 days. During that time they are slow dried, fermented and cured. Simply moisten then easily roll and wrap. When you are spending money to purchase premium dry herb, why wrap it in an average rolling paper. You should have your rolling papers match the same quality and standards that you have for your herb. Million Bananas is leading the industry in innovation, quality, and stands.

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