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Mini Bongs

Mini Bongs

Perhaps you’re not a fan of lung-stuffing, cough-inducing massive clouds of smoke from some gargantuan water pipe. Or maybe you love your big bong, but you need something a little more discreet to use when you’re on the go. Regardless of your reason for choosing to downsize, Breazy Green has you covered with a great selection of mini bongs.

A mini bong is just like any other com/collections/bongs-and-water-pipes" title="Bongs" target="_blank">bong - it’s a smoking device that uses water to chill and filter smoke, offering the user a smoother hit. It’s just smaller.

Beyond the basics of water and smoke, what goes into a mini bong can vary quite a bit. Budget models may be made of acrylic, with a fixed bowl and carb hole in the tube. Glass versions are less durable but also more artistic, with removable bowls and stems that not only enhance the smoking experience but make cleanup a lot easier.

From simple to simply fancy, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for in a mini bong, take a look at our collection and pick out a new favorite today.

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Mini Bongs FAQ
Why Choose a Mini Bong Over a Standard Piece?
Mini bongs are a more convenient option when compared to their full-sized relatives. You may love getting ripped with ol’ trusty in the living room, but what if you want a smaller piece for traveling? What if you just want to lounge in bed and watch Netflix?| When you don’t want the hassle of managing your full-sized glassware, it’s time to consider purchasing a mini-bog. These small pieces are just as useful, and they can feature a variety of pleasing aesthetics. Our Breezy Green mini bong collection includes both budget models and high-end glassware. All of these pieces are sure to please, and they’ll have you blowing huge clouds in no time.
How Do I Use a Mini Bong?
Using a Mini Bong is nice and easy. Fill up the designated chamber with water, load up the bowl with some flower, and ignite. As you put flame to the flower, inhale through the mouthpiece. When the mini-bong fills up with your desired amount of smoke, remove the bowl from the downstem, then inhale deeply to draw the hit into the lungs. Be sure to regularly clean your bong and its included bowl. The best way to manage this cleaning process is to give both of them a rinse after each use. Hot water will do for these daily tune-ups. However, once a week, it is recommended to apply a premium bong cleaning solution to your glass. Allow this solution to sit for the designated amount of time (as described on the label of the cleaning product) then thoroughly rinse your piece before lighting up again.
What’s a Perc?
Perc, which stands for a percolator bong, refers to a unique feature that you will find in a wide selection of our mini-bongs. As you inhale, moving air through the bong, the fluid that rests in the percolator bubbles, effectively dispersing the combusted smoke as it moves through. This creates a smoother hit, allowing you to handle a larger volume of smoke at one time. There are many different kinds of percolator bongs available. Unless you are really diving deep and becoming a true glassware connoisseur, just now that any additional perc will add to the value of your piece. Ultimately, the aesthetic of your mini-bong is just as crucial as the hit quality. Be sure to choose a model that catches the eye, and includes your desired features.
What’s a Bowl?
A bowl is shaped precisely as it sounds, and they are meant to carry the combustible material of your choice. These bowls often have a male piece that slides into the female down stem of your bong. For most of these pieces, the bowls that are provided are strictly meant for flowers. However, if you are interested in taking dabs with your new device, you can always check our stock of bong accessories for additional bangers. These bangers will slide into the same downstem slot, but they can withstand the high temperatures needed for vaporizing concentrates. If you are just starting out, don’t worry about taking dabs just yet. If you’re a veteran, well, it never hurts to have an extra banger lying around in case you feel like vibing out with a few dabs.
What is a Downstem?
A downstem is a built-in structure featured on many bongs. When taking a hit, you pull the bowl out of the downstem, allowing air to flow through the bong, so you can quickly draw the smoke into your lungs. Downstems often have a cylindrical shape, allowing them to slide in and out of the bong easily. Some downstems contain built-in percolators and unique aesthetics. If you are looking to replace the downstem on your current bong, ensure that your new accessory is the appropriate size. These size details can easily be identified by reading the product description of both the downstem and the bong that you are interested in buying.
What’s an Ice Catcher?
An ice catcher is a small notch or structure on your device that allows you to fill your bong with ice. These can be small notches on the inside of the bong, rods that cross through the inside of the glassware, or other designs that work similarly. With an ice catch, you can drop ice into the bong via the mouthpiece, and the ice catch will prevent it from falling down into the water or onto the more delicate smoke diffusing structures below. Ice catchers are usually found in bongs that contain percolators, as both elements help to cool down the smoke that you are inhaling, leading to more enjoyable, and tastier hits.