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Portable Vaporizer

Portable Vaporizer

The days when dry herb vaporizers occupied an entire tabletop and involved a lengthy and elaborate setup ritual that included finding somewhere to plug in and waiting what seemed like eons f


Portable vaporizers work on the same principle as other dry herb vaporizers: insert your ground herb or concentrate into a heating chamber (often called a “bowl” or “oven”), power up the device, and in a minute or less you’ll be vaping the essence of whatever you’ve packed. Because vaporization heats your herb to the point that its essential compounds and aromas are extracted without actually burning the material, you’re able to take advantage of a smoother, cleaner hit without all of the tar and other nasty byproducts found in smoke.


The advantages with portable dry herb vaporizers are many. First, they’re battery-powered and don’t need a wall plug to operate. Next, they’re a lot smaller than old-style tabletop versions, meaning you can tuck one into a pocket or purse and carry it on the go. Finally, they heat up a lot faster, reaching vaping temperature in less than a minute and sometimes as quickly as thirty seconds.


From advanced, user-customizable devices to simple press-and-play units, Breazy Green has the portable vaporizer you’re looking for. Check out our selection below.


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Portable Vaporizer FAQ
What is a portable vaporizer?
As the name implies, a portable vaporizer is a vaporizer designed to be used on the go. They're generally small enough to tuck into a pocket or purse, and instead of relying on an electrical outlet to plug into they're powered by rechargeable batteries. There are two classes of vaporizer - those designed for use with liquid concentrate cartridges and dry herb vaporizers designed for use with flower and (sometimes) solid concentrates.
Can I use a liquid vaporizer for dry herb, or vice versa?
Unfortunately, no. Vaporizers designed for use with liquid concentrate cartridges are similar to those used for nicotine vaping and don't have a bowl (sometimes called an oven) needed to pack ground flower or solid concentrates. Likewise, dry herb vaporizers won't have a threaded connection to install a liquid vape cartridge.
Are portable vaporizers dangerous?
Vaporizers themsevles aren't dangerous, but there have been widespread reports of black market cartridges being used with liquid vaporizers that have sickened thousands of people across the US. If you're using vape cartridges, make sure you're getting them from a reliable source that lab tests their products to ensure they're free of harmful additives and toxins. This vaporizer scare does not apply to dry herb vaporizers, however.
Can I use a vape mod for my cartridges?
Traditional vape mods share the same "510 style" thread pattern as portable vaporizers designed for cartridge use, so they will connect. Be careful, though - liquid nicotine vapes sometimes use a lot more power than a cartridge. If your device has a variable wattage setting, you'll want to keep it around 6-8 watts to avoid burning your concentrate.
How does a dry herb portable vaporizer work?
Operation is simple - first, loosely pack a bowl of ground flower. Make sure the oven is filled but not too tightly packed for optimal vaporization. Then turn the device on to your desired temperature and wait for it to heat up. Within a minute or so you should get an indication that the device has reached temperature and is ready for use. It'll maintain operating temperature for between two and five minutes (check your owner's manual) before automatically powering down.
What are the benefits of portable vaporizers?
Vaping instead of smoking means that your flower isn't actually burned, so there's a greatly reduced level of toxins like tar that are found in smoke and fluid from your lighter. Many vapers also say they prefer the taste of their flower when it's vaporized instead of burned.