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Feel your passions ignite with this line of smoking hardware that's made with style as well as substance in mind. The amount of skill put into the construction of all of the stunning products offered by Roor is absolutely astounding! It's rare to see a brand that is able to keep costs respectable while still using nothing but the highest quality of materials and ensuring that their products are handcrafted with care so that you are able to get the ultimate u chill as you use one of the convenient and trustworthy products from this brand that is really making its mark on the vaping industry. Once you use a Roor vaporizer for the first time, it will be hard to keep quiet about it. You will end up finding yourself trying to tell anyone that you possibly can about the simply unforgettable experiences that you've had using their products and how if they like to smoke, they've got to give them a try for themselves as well. Don't hold off for any longer, when you see just what this collection is possible of, there's no turning back! 
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RooR Bongs FAQ
What Sets Roor Apart From Other Glassware?
RooR is a name that is respected by everyone in the industry. These glass bongs are all hand blown. RooR devices are well known for their ability to withstand heat, pressure, and collision with ease. These bongs aren't all made in a streamlined production facility, either. Every RooR device is made by hand and quite often includes customized decorative elements. This brand is an OG company that's been active in the scene well before legalization started to take effect.
Where Are Roor Bongs Made?
RooR bongs are made in Germany. They even have a retail shop in Amsterdam, where they showcase a variety of options, from practical pieces to extravagant bongs for the most senior connoisseur. Despite their production in Germany, these bongs have been wildly popular in the US for decades. You can't go wrong with a sturdy hand-blown bong, and RooR products never disappoint. These smoking devices most often include essential features, such as ice catchers and unique diffusers, which will soften the bite of your hits. From the sleek design to their incredible efficiency, it's clear that RooR bongs are top-tier.
Does RooR Only Make Bongs?
Although RooR has quite a reputation surrounding their bongs, they sell a great variety of smoking products. Our collection includes RooR Bubblers, Grinders, Rolling Tips, and more. Once you purchase your first RooR device, we're sure you'll become a die-hard fan. Luckily, you can deck yourself out in all RooR glassware with this wide selection. Each of these items is designed for maximum efficiency. The grinder is sturdy and smooth. Trust, once you start grinding up flowers with this beast of a device, you'll want to start carrying it around with you everywhere. As for the bubbler, the sleek design will snag your attention from across the room. And the hits from this little powerhouse? They'll have you rooted in no time. Go ahead, deck out your home with the best of RooR glass. You won't be disappointed.
What is a Bubbler?
A bubbler is a type of water pipe. Water pipes are smoking devices that feature a chamber that holds, you guessed it, water. This H20 serves a vital purpose; to cool down the intensity of the smoke before it hits your lungs. Bubblers are smaller devices then bongs and are often easier to clean and transport due to their size. And while we always love taking rips from the trusty bong, having a bubbler on the bedside table is a nice decorative touch. The RooR Bubbler that we have available is a substantial 12" size, features a premium percolator, and is entirely scratch proof, just in case you find yourself in a clumsy haze at times.
What's the Best Way to Clean My RooR Glass?
The best way to clean your RooR glass piece, or any glass smoking device, is with RooR's signature glass cleaner. RooR knows best when it comes to bongs, so naturally, they have provided this ideal formula to help care for your devices. RooR bongs are an incredible asset, so of course, they are worth a little bit of extra TLC. With RooR's cleaning solution, this maintenance process is easy and hassle-free. This mixture helps to care for your glass, unlike alternative formulas that can damage your device, and possibly your lungs, if not cleaned up properly. There's not much effort involved, and the results are quick. Keep your bong fresh as new. Be sure to buy a bottle of this cleaner with your new bubbler or bong.