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Looking to take your enjoyment on the go? Breazy Green provides you with the best options in class for your vaping on the go. From Magic Flight Box to 510 cartomizers you'll find it all in this section. If you vape wax concentrates or prefer dry leaf vaping, we've got exactly the product you want and need. Brands like oncentrate Vaporizers">Yocan, DaVinci, Pax, Storz & Bickel, and Arizer just to name a few can be purchased here at great prices and super savings.

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Vaporizers FAQ
What is a vaporizer?
There are three distinctly different types of personal vaporizer. First there's the e-liquid vaporizer, sometimes called an e-cigarette and used to vaporize liquid containing nicotine by former cigarette smokers. Those don't apply here, though the batteries can also be used for liquid concentrate vaping. The second is, as we mentioned, liquid concentrate vaping - this uses a similar battery to an e-cig, but a specialized cartridge containing an oil-based herbal extract. The third is a dry herb vaporizer, which has a chamber or "oven" where dry herbs or solid concentrates like wax or shatter are heated until their essence can be inhaled as a vapor without ever getting so hot as to burn the herb or generate smoke.
Are vaporizers dangerous?
Quite the contrary. Since vaporization doesn't produce smoke, which contains thousands of carcinogenic chemicals, vaping can be a way of inhaling the essence of your favorite herb with far fewer toxic substances found in smoke. There have, however, been serious concerns about the carrier compounds used to produce some liquid-based vaping cartriges - if you choose to use these be sure you're buying from a trusted source whose products have been lab-tested to ensure their safety.
How do dry herb vaporizers work?
While the exact procedure will vary by manufacturer, the general vaporizer concept is the same. Place ground herb or concentrate in the vaporizer's chamber (oven), power up the device, and wait. Within a minute or two, the vaporizer will reach the user-selected operating temperature and hold that temperature for a period of time, generally around five minutes. During this time, draw on the vaporizer as you would a pipe and you'll be able to inhale your herb's essence, free of many of the toxicants found in smoke. Once the device powers off and cools down, clean out the chamber with a brush or paper towel and you're ready to vape again when ready.
How big are vaporizers?
Vaporizers vary quite a bit in size and function. Early models like the Volcano, which is still widely used today, are tabletop affairs that require plenty of space and a wall power outlet to operate. Other models are battery-powered and tuck conveniently into a pocket or purse for on-the-go use.
Aren't vaporizers what was making everyone sick on the news?
The widespread reports of "vape sickness" from 2019 were largely related to vitamin E acetate, a carrier compound used in black market liquid vape cartridges. Responsible manufacturers never used this substance, though some illegal cartridges did find their way into legal retail channels. If you're concerned about what goes into your vape cartridge, ask your seller for lab reports on the ingredients. If you're using a dry herb vaporizer, however, rest assured these devices weren't implicated in the recent outbreak.
How long do vaporizers last?
Vaping is still a fairly new alternative to smoking, so we don't have a strong track record to predict device longevity. What we do know is that a vaporizer that's properly cared for should last for years, though if you're using a battery-powered device expect to replace the power source after 150-300 charge cycles (plan on gettin 5-6 uses out of your device per charge, so somewhere in the range of 1000 sessions). Some devices have an integrated battery which will limit their overall lifespan, while others have replaceable batteries that can be swapped out when they stop holding a charge.
How do I clean a vaporizer?
Avoid spilling liquids on the outside of your vaporizer, and wipe down with a damp cloth as necessary, avoiding any charging ports or other electrical connectors. The bowl can be cleaned with a brush or cloth, though you should avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean unless it can be removed for a thorough rinse afterward. Check here for more cleaning tips.