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Water Pipes

Water Pipes

Water pipes have been used by generations of smokers to enhance the smoking experience. Not only does the water in a water pipe cool the smoke before it enters your body for a smoother inhale, it helps to filter out tar and ash.


Water pipes, as with most other smoking apparatus, can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. A basic bubbl


Whatever your preference, Breazy Green has you covered with a wide array of water pipes, from the basic workhorse to stunning glass works of art. Take a look at our selection, we promise you’re sure to find your next favorite piece soon.

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Water Pipes FAQ
What is a water pipe?
A water pipe is exactly what it sounds like - a pipe that's filled with water. Between the bowl and the smoker's mouth, smoke passes through one or more water chambers that filter and cool it, leading to a smoother and more pleasurable smoking experience.
What's the benefit of using a water pipe?
Smoke that's filtered through water is not only easier on the lungs, it contains less tar and fewer toxins, which remain trapped in the water. Not only does this make smoking more enjoyable, it enhances the flavor of your favorite herb or concentrate.
What's the difference between a water pipe and a bong?
All bongs are water pipes, but not all water pipes are bongs. Both use water to cool and filter smoke, but in addition to the traditional vertical structure of a bong, a water pipe might also come in the form of a bubbler or Sherlock. Non-bong water pipes are often more compact and easily portable than full-sized bongs, and many smokers like to keep a variety of different options in their collection.
How do I clean a water pipe?
Depending on how much water your pipe holds, you'll want to change it out fairly regularly - for smaller pipes this might mean every few bowls, for bigger ones maybe every other session or two. In addition to changing the water, a thorough cleaning can be achieved by filling with salt and rubbing alcohol and vigorously shaking to knock tar and resin loose from the inside walls of the pipe - but be sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water before refilling the pipe for another session.
Are water pipes safer than other pipes?
Smoking in and of itself is a risky activity, and there's really no "safe" way to do it. But filtering smoke through water does help reduce the amount of tar and other toxins that eventually make it into your lungs if and when you do choose to smoke.
How long do water pipes last?
Properly cared for, a quality glass water pipe can last for years or even decades. Make sure to keep it clean, as resins left to build up will harden and be much more difficult to remove later on. The real risk to your water pipe's longevity, however, is from mishandling that could lead to dropping it onto a hard surface.
How do I use a water pipe?
The first step is to fill your pipe with water - take a few heavy pulls with fresh water before loading the pipe to test it out. If you're not getting good bubbling action in the chamber, add a bit of water. If it's splashing up into your mouth, pour a little water out. Once you find the right water balance, you're ready to pack a bowl and get to smoking.