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Honeycomb Dabber - Empire Glassworks
Honeycomb Dabber - Empire Glassworks
Honeycomb Dabber - Empire Glassworks
Honeycomb Dabber - Empire Glassworks

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Product Description

Honeycomb Dabber - Empire Glassworks

Have you ever heard of the old saying "you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar"? When you're sweet and polite, things are more likely to go your way and this honeycomb-inspired dabber is going to have you feeling just as sweet and kind as can be. If you have ever tasted a raw honeycomb you probably vividly remember their sticky, sweet honey and loud, ear tingling crunch as you bite through them. By looking at this dabber you are going to start fantasizing about this naturally occurring treat so you might want to stock your pantry with a couple of bottles of this delectable nectar. You should really be able to enjoy your dabbing experiences, it's supposed to be something relaxing that you can look forward to enjoying in the comfort of your home after a long day at work. This interesting looking, highly detailed dabbing accessory is going to be just what you need to get your imagination whirling around and have you thinking of those intricately laid out hives where there are chambers upon chambers of bees living in their own insect society. Empire Glassworks really is the brand that you are going to want to look to when you are interested in getting some unique, individual products that will be able to stand out from the rest of the crowd and offer you up something special.

Product Features:


  • Dabber Tool
  • Honeycomb Design
  • Made of High-Quality Materials


Package Contains:


  • 1 x Honeycomb Dabber by Empire Glassworks

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