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Pipe Stix - Higher Standards
Pipe Stix - Higher Standards
Pipe Stix by Higher Standards
Pipe Stix - Higher Standards

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Product Description

Pipe Stix - Higher Standards

We all love to get a good deal and this two in one product is going to help you keep your wallet nice and heavy. The Pipe Stix product has a cotton-tipped end and a flat side that will allow you to really get in there and chisel out any hard to remove debris. One of the best ways to keep your different smoking devices in working order, giving you that performance that you desire is by doing regular upkeep on them. You'd be very surprised by how much of a difference that something as simple as cleaning will be able to do for your smoke sessions and in fact, probably look forward to those designated times where you take care of your devices. if you find that your inhales are stifled, your hits are way harsher and the flavor of your product isn't as clear and clean as they used to be, it's probably time to invest in some of the fantastic products that are offered up from Higher Solutions and treat your device to a spa-like experience. The thing about the brand Higher Standards is that whenever you choose to go with them you can expect to be getting nothing but the absolute best of the best quality without a single doubt in your mind. They just have these sensational products that are designed with so much pride and care. The Pipe Stix come in a pack of 60 and are made with premium materials.

Product Features:

  • Come In a Pack of 60
  • Cotton Swab on One End, Flat Wood on the Other
  • Made From High-Quality Materials

Package Contains:

  • 1 x 60 Pack of Pipe Stix by Higher Standards


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